Your Guide to Experiencing Angels Landing and The Narrows in One Day

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Angels Landing, truly a remarkable rock formation in Utah, is frequented by hundreds of avid hikers and adventure sports enthusiasts year-round – located in Zion National Park.

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What can you do in Angels Landing in One Day?

If you are looking to experience Angels Landing in just one day but do not know where you should head to first, take a look at our itinerary. We are sure you would find it easier to plan your trip now. 

The Narrows:

Called the narrowest part of Zion Canyon, buckle-up during the hike; it will be one hell of a challenge! You can start your walk from the Chamberlain Ranch to the Temple of Sinawava. More than half of your hike will be through The Virgin River, so do not forget to carry neoprene socks, special boots, wading clothes, and a walking stick. Check about the flood flashes before going for the hike. 

Weeping Rock:

Now, this one is a hike that is over 100 feet! The landmark is called “Weeping Rock” because it is a vast bowl-shaped alcove and dried-up land. The Navajo sandstone layer and Kayenta layers intersect here. The walls of the structure also have a flowy stream and hanging gardens of ferns and mosses. To explore weeping rocks, you will have to hike for about 10 minutes – the hike starts from the Weeping Rock Trailhead. 

Grafton Ghost Town:

Grafton is an isolated historic place in Utah; although not a ghost town, it is notable for being spooky and the setting of films like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and In Old Arizona. There are many points of interest to look at in Grafton town. 

The houses and buildings are well-preserved, and you can explore the deserted buildings. You can learn about the town’s history through the various signs and boards lined around there.

Head out to the Temple of Sinawava

It is one of the most-visited canyons in Zion National Park. It houses a large amphitheatre marking the beginning of the canyon. You will love the red and brown cliffs. And if you thought it looks picturesque in the photos, wait till you experience it live. 

Yes, the view becomes better the closer you are to the temple. The walk to the temple is relatively simple, making it a friendly destination for families and large groups. The vibrant colours and a unique atmosphere will not let you take your eyes off from nature’s beauty – the animals, golden-coloured rocks, and lush green trees.

Cosy places to stay near Angels Landings:

Make your stay even better by staying at an affordable place that is just suited for your family. 

Desert Pearl Inn:

Desert Pearl inn is near to Zion National Park and features handcrafted furniture, an artsy hallway, and well-designed rooms – the magnificent river view is a cherry on top. The Narrows is a couple of minutes from the hotel, whereas the Checkerboard mesa is a 4-minute walk from the hotel. The hotel provides amenities like a pool, golf access, Wi-Fi, and private balconies. The per-day room rate ranges between $175-$225.

Zion National Park Lodge:

Located in the Zion National Park, the Narrows and David J West Gallery is a few miles away from the hotel, whereas Zion rock is a half-hour drive from the hotel. The rooms are very comfy with all the necessary amenities like Wi-Fi, a private balcony, and private porches. The per-day price ranges from $150-$200. 


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