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It is heartbreaking to lose a close family member in an avoidable accident. Though nothing will ever wholly set things straight, state law permits the victim’s qualifying family members to file a wrongful termination claim to seek justice, responsibility, and financial assistance.

The limitation period for a wrongful death case must be met before it is too late. There are exceptions to California’s two-year period prescribed for wrongful death lawsuits, which bereaved families should be aware of. California’s criminal death statute of limitations is explained in detail by Redkey Gordon Law Corp.

Two-Year Statute Of Limitations On Wrongful Termination

According to state law, wrongful death cases must be brought within two years just after the decedent’s death. California requires that a wrongful-death lawsuit be filed within a year after the end of a family member to be valid. That doesn’t mean the case has to be finished within 2 years of the malicious prosecution being committed. If a lawsuit is required, the legal process may take longer.

Nonetheless, a case must be filed within the two-year time limit set by the waiting period before any damages may be claimed. If you begin the malicious prosecution claims procedure as soon as possible, you and your relatives will be better positioned to get punishment and financial help in the future. After a deadly accident, contact a wrongful death attorney soon away.

For Survival Action Claims, The Statute Of Limitations Is More Complex

Some bereaved families may be able to file a sort of lawsuit known as a “survival action claim” after a fatal accident. There are no either/or scenarios in these circumstances: Wrongful death lawsuits may be combined with survivor action lawsuits.

Survival action claims in California aim to compensate the decedent’s relatives for the financial and non-financial losses they incurred between the time of the accident and the time of their death. If your loved one fought for days, weeks, and longer before dying of their injuries, you may be able to file a survival action claim.

A survival action claim’s statute of limitations is a little more tricky. It’s possible to bring a wrongful death claim in California two years after the accident or six months after a person’s death, whichever comes first.

Rule For Claims Regarding Government Entities For Wrongful Death

A government worker or agency’s careless acts or inactions may result in a tragic accident. When it comes to specific sorts of fatal accidents, there is legislation like the Federal Intentional Torts Act and the Californian Tort Claims Act that enable government bodies to be held criminally accountable.

In situations involving government defendants, the statute of limitations is much shorter. In other words, the window of opportunity for filing a claim has been reduced. For example, under the Californian Tort Claims Act, litigants must notify the competent government entity within six months after a wrongful death.

Statutory Deadlines For Wrongful Fatal Accidents May Be Prolonged

Most wrongful death cases in California have a two-year statute of limitations. The deadline may be extended in certain instances, but only if the circumstances warrant it. The wrongful death limitation period in California may be prolonged in two ways:

  • Discovery: You may have more time to file a wrongful death claim in California if you had no reason to believe that your loved one had died before they were declared dead — usually because they have been declared “missing” for a lengthy period before their death was officially announced.
  • Minor Claimant: If a parent dies while the child is still a little, the child may be entitled to more time to file a wrongful death claim. Minors in California may file wrongful death lawsuits within two years after their 18th birthday. These are, nevertheless, very complicated circumstances.


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