Writing a superb essay Essay of 5 Paragraphs

Those days are long gone when pupils were encouraged to write in large letters in order to swiftly complete the prescribed number of pages.

Word counts are being checked constantly now, and it’s taking twelve words to explain something that might be stated in three. Of course, things may be different. Writing an essay may be a lot more bearable task when students have a clear, predetermined plan to follow. It’s even possible to have fun with it! If you need paper help, you can visit our website.


The hamburger essay is a frequent name for the five-paragraph essay format. Students will remember the subject better if you explain it this way.

The five levels of the hamburger essay structure are as follows:

In this first layer, we introduce the top bun. The introduction paragraph tells the reader what the essay is about in the most basic terms. Patties in the Second, Third, and Fourth Layers:

The Body Paragraphs

Essentially, they are “meat patties” for the essay’s fundamental thesis, and each paragraph presents an argument in favour of it. If you are looking for paper writer, please visit our website.

Last but not least, the bottom bun!

Finally, the conclusion sums together the arguments and reiterates the essay’s main point once again, concluding the essay. Here you can find a comprehensive guide on writing a conclusion.

Each of these components will be examined in more detail in the near future. The act of writing an essay, however, is just one part of the whole process. Prewriting and postwriting are equally important considerations. For the time being, let’s take a closer look at what our pupils should be doing before they begin writing their essays.


The main point of the essay

Every essay should have a certain topic. An essay’s main point is generally stated in a single phrase or two in a thesis statement. The writer’s opinion should also be included in the thesis statement.

A clear thesis statement is critical because it serves as a road map for students as they write their essays. We may learn a lot about ourselves and our opinions on a subject while we’re writing. After examining the merits of many arguments, we may eventually come to our own conclusions via the writing process. In this case, writing is used as a means of exploration.

Study and Preparation

In the process of doing their research and gathering data to back up their thesis, students should be encouraged to consider the opposing viewpoints they encounter.

It is important that students learn how to anticipate and counter arguments in order to enhance their own points of view while writing a well-researched essay. This necessitates a thorough investigation of the topic.

Research was formerly a time-consuming process that required hours in dusty libraries, but thanks to the internet, we now have access to a plethora of information at our fingertips (and the end of a good Wifi connection).

When researching, students need to be reminded that they need to rely on credible sources to back up their findings. This is more vital than ever in an age of ‘false news.’

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