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You have bought WOW Classic TBC Gold and are ready to play. But have you understood the game? Uploading our character and equipping it is more difficult in World of Warcraft: Classic. So choosing the right race and faction can be important. Still, this choice is personal. In the Alliance, the Warlock can be Human and Gnome. While in the Horde, he can be Orc and Undead.

In the Alliance, the Gnomes are the ones who take the top race. They have 4 more Intellect points and 1 less Spirit point compared to Humans. But also, the Gnomes have good racials. They have a passive called Expansive Mind that increases Intellect by 5%, so when we go picking up equipment it will not only increase the amount of mana, but it will also increase our critical hit.

We also have the Exhaust Artist racial that frees us from any immobilized effect CC or movement slowdown. As for Humans, they have an interesting passive The Human Spirit that increases spirit by 5%, which is not too important for Warlocks.

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In the case of the Horde, the best Warlock can be an Undead. If we look at the base stats, he has 1 point. more than Intellect and 2 points more of Spirit when compared to the Orc.

Actually this stat difference is small, so we have to look at the racial Will of the Forsaken that makes him immune to Charm, Fear and Sleep. When we go to dungeons or bands, we will see that frequently the boss will be able to us some kind of Fear, and the Undead can cancel it immediately, with which he can continue to do damage. The Orc does not have this type of passive, but they have Command in which the damage caused by pets (demons) increases by 5%. In band, you don’t usually have the devil out, so it’s not that important.

Talents and skills

WoW Classic’s talent system is quite different from what we know today. We have three separate talent trees, related to the Warlock’s specialization, but from which we can choose from any of them more freely than in retail. We must put points in to progress, and when we acquire 31 points in a specialization we will obtain a special ability. When we have reached level 60 we will have put a total of 51 points.

We can put all of them in one tree or spread them over several to create a hybrid specialization, thus giving us greater freedom of play style. We are going to see a couple of popular compositions, especially essential talents, so that we can later choose our preferences.


Each point of Intellect gives us 15 points. maximum mana and 0.165% critical strike chance. Critical Hit is important, very important to Warlocks. but the intellect is an inefficient means to achieve it, since it takes approximately 60p. Intellect for a 1% Critical Strike chance. Maxing out Mana is fine, as we’ll run out of it for a few encounters and need to cast our Life Tap to regenerate it. So having a large amount of mana means casting more Shadow Bolt before we run out of it. In the end it is a priority statistic, but to a lesser extent if we compare it with others.


Each point of endurance gives us health. Having a reasonable amount of life is important to survive.


The Spirit increases our health and mana regeneration out of combat, but we can continue to regenerate mana thanks to the 5 second rule. This rule says that we will start to regenerate mana when we do not gain it for 5 seconds. Thus, having our Life Transfusion ability, and by using it repeatedly in one go, we can continue to passively regenerate mana because Life Transfusion does not cost mana, thus counting for the 5 second rule (MP5).

Leveling up from 1 to 60

Warlocks are a class that can rise quickly both alone and in a group. Soon we will have access to our first companion, the Imp, who will help us kill between levels 1 and 10. At level 10 comes our second companion, the Abyssal, who can tank the enemies taking the aggro, and we can use it now until we reach level 60. By combining Life Transfusion and Drain Life we ​​can exchange life for mana thus combining our resources. At level 40 we will get our first mount for free, being one of the only two classes that can get it without buying it. We have a ton of different skills to learn, and some will be more useful than others. Our worst enemy is gold, because we may not always have it to improve skills, and we will spend a lot on repairs and consumables. But we will not have to save at level 40, as we said, to get our first mount, as it happens with other classes.

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