Wooden Pallet Price Malaysia

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Pallets are an excellent option for transporting goods to Malaysia. Pallets made of wood can be used for domestic and international transport. There are two types: stringer (also called two-way) or block pallets (also called four-way). We offer wood pallet collars and wooden press wood pallets depending on the project.

The right pallet is essential when it comes to your Malaysian company. There are many options for pallet sizes, weight capacities and shapes. There are many choices. There are many sizes available, including ones that comply with the UK and Euro standards. There are two types of wood pallets: the new and used. These pallets offer many benefits.

Wooden Pallet – New

Malaysian customers have a new choice: wooden pallets. They can be customized to your requirements if you require this service. They are higher quality than used pallets but are more costly. If you require specific dimensions for transport or storage, new pallets are the best choice.

It is crucial to transport goods in a safe, clean and efficient manner. The new wooden pallets are a great option. These pallets can withstand any weather condition and are resistant to wear. Wooden pallets make a great storage solution. The weight is evenly distributed.

Wooden Pallet – Recycle

The cost of recycled wooden pallets is often 60 percent lower than the newer alternatives. You can purchase recycled wooden pallets at a fraction the price. This does not mean you will have to sacrifice the same quality pallets. They have been fully reconditioned and are exceptional in quality. These pallets can be a great investment.

Recycle old wooden pallets to add unique features and character to your garden. You can add shelving or seating to your garden. Wooden pallets can be used in many ways to enhance your home.

Pallets that have been heat-treated ISPM15

ISPM 15 is an international standard which specifies international requirements regarding phytosanitary measures. Hygiene regulations must be adhered to for both new and used wooden pallets. To demonstrate compliance with ISPM 15, wooden pallets must bear an identifiable mark. This will help you to comply with ISPM 15.

The benefits of heat treating pallets include the prevention and treatment of pesticide transfer during export. You also get weather resistance and enhanced sterilisation. Due to their moisture content, wood pallets are more prone to mould and bacteria than other wood products. To reduce the risk of mould and bacteria growing, heat-treated pallets have had some moisture removed.

Wooden Pallet Sustainability

We are proud that we offer new or recycled wooden pallets. Wooden pallets can be recycled and reused multiple times, which reduces the amount of wood that is discarded. You can recycle pallets to make something new.

We follow regulations and standards to enhance sustainability and protect the environment. We have implemented a quality control system and an environment management system that comply with ISO 9001;2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. We have sold approximately 245,000 refurbished wooden boxes which were then put back in service in 2019.

Malaysian Pallet Prices

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