Windshield Decals – Types Of Decal Materials Widely Used Nowadays

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With multiple types of stickers or decal materials available nowadays, it is really difficult to select one that fits your need. Many modern vehicles have tinted windows nowadays. That makes it really difficult to see the decals, which are placed inside. So, it is highly recommended to use the decals with an outside application on white vinyl.

White vinyl is one popular material widely used by manufacturing units to create windshield decals, specifically designed for vehicles. These products are waterproof and can also withstand all kinds of harsh natural elements like rain and UV rays. If you want, you can further place these stickers on any kind of surface, and that will include metal, glass, plastic, and even wood. And the best part is that these materials are not going to leave any adhesive residue when you plan to get it removed.

  • Permanent adhesive is there:

Here, the print will be on permanent adhesive-based white vinyl, which will leave that adhesive residue once removed. If you want to procure a permanent decal for the car, only then opt for this option. It will last for 5 long years!

  • The work with the cast vinyl:

Cast vinyl is also another common form of decal material. It will start as one liquid mixture. Later, with the gradual introduction of heat, it will provide that fabric-like consistency. Cast vinyl is really flexible and thin. It is also quite durable to last for years, even when you are using it outdoor. So, using the same material for manufacturing decals for your car’s windshield will be a great example to address.

  • Front-facing cling:

In case you are looking for a modern material used for manufacturing windshield decal, then a front-facing cling is one option to go. Here, the printing will take place on the white cling. It will have lower tack adhesive. So, this kind of application is mainly for the inside of the window or windshield only. These are the cheapest options and won’t last for more than 6 months once applied.

  • The use of calendared vinyl:

Calendared vinyl is yet another material used for manufacturing vehicle decals. This is one form of vinyl, known for its thicker body and also pretty rigid in nature. So, the items are here to last longer. Printing on the calendared vinyl will involve rolling materials through printers. This vinyl is perfect to use on flat surfaces like windows, floors, and walls, to name a few.

  • Reflective vinyl:

This is yet another option to consider while thinking about the windshield decals to address. You can get the words or messages printed on the white-colored reflective vinyl. This form of material is also known for its outside application. The main goal of this decal is to reflect light much like any road sign. Once placed, the adhesive will last for 5 long years. However, once removed, it might leave some adhesive residue behind.

These are a few of the many options available under the windshield decal. Check out the materials first and then make the proper decision.