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Are wigs a boring thing? Are wigs the same forever? The answer is negative. In fact, the wig industry is always evolving, and new, special wigs are popping up all the time. Among various wig brands, LUVME is the most innovative and capable wig brand. This article will introduce LUVME, and its latest innovative wig collection – LUVME Afros Inspired Wigs.

What is LUVME?

First let me introduce to you, what is LUVME. LUVME is a human hair wig brand from North America. What makes this wig brand special is that it places a lot of emphasis on innovation and uses high-quality human hair wigs for all of its products. From the perspective of human hair wigs, LUVME’s products have always been inexpensive. Because of these three advantages, LUVME has become one of the most popular wig brands in North America. To date, LUVME has served more than one million black women. According to online traffic monitoring data, LUVME’s current monthly traffic is as high as 4M. It can be seen that LUVME has a lot of fans.

Why is LUVME wig worth buying?

A product that is not trustworthy and purchased cannot win the love of consumers. There must be a reason why the LUVME wig is so popular. Why is LUVME wig worth buying? Here are 4 reasons why you should try to buy.

1. The quality of LUVME wig is very good

All of LUVME’s products, notice, I said “all”, use human hair as a raw material. So their human hair wigs are of very good quality and are more durable and comfortable than other wigs. If you are a fan of coloring and cutting hair, then LUVME human hair wig just allows you to be creative. You can turn LUVME human hair wig into the look you want.

2. LUVME wig attaches great importance to the opinions of customers

The secret to LUVME’s ability to remain innovative and creative is that they take the opinions of consumers very seriously. Regular surveys and community interactions allow LUVME to receive feedback from consumers in a timely manner. Whether it is criticism or praise, it can help LUMVE create wigs that are more suitable for consumers.

3. The after sales service of LUVME wig is excellent

If you buy a phone and it has poor after sales service, you will definitely not buy the same phone next time. The same goes for wigs. LUVME knows that only by paying attention to the experience of consumers can we win the affirmation of consumers. LUVME’s after-sales service is often very prompt and effective. Compared with other wig brands, you can feel more respect and consideration at LUVME.

4. LUVME offers a wide variety of wigs

You can find almost every wig you can imagine at LUVME. For wigs you don’t expect, LUVME can also provide you. If you like lace wigs, then you can find 360 lace wigs, frontal lace wigs, closure lace wigs here. If you love sports, then a headband wig is your best choice. If you hate hassle and want to get your wig done quickly, the LUVME throw on and go wig is just what you need.

Subvert the traditional LUVME wig—-Afros inspired wig series

The most fascinating thing about LUVME is that it can always provide you with unexpected new wigs. In the fall of 2022, LUVME’s new wig series is finally here! LUVME afros inspired is divided into three sub-series, they are LUVME basic afro wigs, LUVME braids, LUVME kinky edge wigs. Starting from paying tribute to the original hair of black people, the three sub-series extended can perfectly meet everyone’s needs and imagination.

1. LUVME basic afro wigs

LUVME basic afros wigs are designed to provide the most basic African style wigs. Basic Afro wigs are perfect for ladies trying out wigs for the first time, trying afro style. Of course, men are also totally worth trying this special and charming wig.

2. LUVME braids

LUVME Braids is an innovative braided wig. This braided wig gives you the full feel and look of braids and is perfect for anyone who loves braids but hates the hassle.

3. LUVME kinky edge wigs

The revolutionary innovation of LUVME Kinky Edge wigs is that it perfectly restores the natural hairline of native black hair. Generally speaking, lace wigs often modify the hairline by pre-plucked or baby hair. And this Kinky Edge wigs successfully make the hairline natural and unobtrusive through plush short hair.

By the way, LUVME is offering up to $80 off coupons during Black Friday. If you are interested in high quality human hair wigs, don’t miss it.

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