Why Your SEO Strategy Should Include Transcription Services

It’s a well-known fact that SEO is an integral part of any online marketing strategy. But have you ever stopped to think about how vital transcription services are for your SEO? Transcription services are the most overlooked aspect of an SEO strategy.

With transcripts on your website, viewers get the chance to search the transcript section of your blog post with more ease. It provides viewers with content that could not be seen in their current viewport, which means they will stay longer on your site and increase engagement rates. Here are more reasons why your SEO strategy should include transcription services.

It Captures Mobile Device Users

Research shows that Google’s voice search feature is used on mobile devices more than desktop. This means that more than 50% of your audience is looking for something with their phone and will not find it without a transcript. Even when they can find the information through Google or other sources, viewers who cannot hear the content will not watch it. The less engaged your audience is, the lower your traffic and earnings will be.

You Get More Traffic

The first and most obvious reason why transcription services are essential for your SEO is that you will get more traffic. Your viewers can click on the links at the bottom of each page that say ‘click here to read the transcript.’ With this link, they can easily search through a transcript of what was said in a video. Videos that have a transcript on the blog post will get twice as much traffic as those that don’t.

It’s also important to note that videos with transcripts also rank higher in Google and other search engines. This means more time people spend looking through your post and video and focusing on your brand, which increases visibility and reputation for your brand.

Transcripts Increase Your Website’s Reach

Having online transcription services enhances your site’s reach. Transcription helps viewers find the exact part of the video that they want to hear about, which means more people will see it without watching the whole video.

Transcripts make the content more accessible to viewers as it allows them to search for specific keywords that may help them with what they are looking for. If they find that you have provided exactly what they were looking for, they can easily share your post or video with their friends and family, which means more traffic and reach for your website.

Transcriptions Make Your Website More Accurate

Sometimes, videos may have typos in them. For example, maybe they say ‘ten’ instead of ‘than’ or ‘hear’ instead of ‘here.’ This makes the information in your video incorrect, which is bad for SEO since search engines value accuracy. Errors often affect how your website ranks on the search engines.

Transcription services make your website more accurate and reliable. This is because the editorial team can easily pick any errors and give clients a clean script. If you change any error found in a transcript of one of your videos, it will increase the accuracy of the information for the search engines. This means more traffic and better rankings for your website since Google values accurate information.

Transcriptions Increase Conversions

Giving viewers the chance to search through a transcript of what was said in a video increases your conversions. For example, if you interview someone about their experience in business and post it on YouTube, people who want to start their own business will search for that video on YouTube. Once they find it, you are more likely to get conversions because the video’s transcript gave the viewer all the information they needed. This increases your chances of getting conversions, which will increase your SEO rankings and traffic on your website.


It is clear why it really does pay to have a solid SEO strategy that includes transcription services. If you do not include transcription services, it is almost guaranteed that your content isn’t being seen by most of your audience. This decreases engagement, lowers organic traffic and can decrease earnings from ads. By adding closed captioning to your videos, your hearing-impaired audience is included in the viewership. It encourages them to engage with your content.

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