Why This Device Is The Best Alternative To Menthol Cigarettes

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Menthol is a minty flavouring that is added to cigarettes. This additive has been banned in the UK and several other countries, but you can still buy menthol cigarettes in many places worldwide. If you’re looking for an alternative to menthol cigarettes in the UK, there are a few ways you can get the same effect.

Best Alternative To Menthol Cigarettes

The ban on menthol cigarettes in the UK has forced some smokers to find a way to enjoy the taste of menthol.

The ban came into effect in 2020 and means that tobacco products can no longer contain any menthol. This is a huge change for many smokers as they have been smoking menthol cigarettes for years and now can no longer enjoy this flavour in their cigarettes.

This has led to many people looking for an alternative to menthol cigarettes UK without breaking the law. One such alternative is a menthol applicator pen.

Menthol Applicator Pen

If you’re a smoker and have been using menthol cigarettes for many years, the ban may seem like a big blow, but it doesn’t mean you can’t find any more options.

Penthol Pen

While you enjoy all the pleasure of smoking your favourite cigarette brand, why not add a hint of minty freshness with Penthol Pen? With this handy pen, you can add delicious menthol flavouring to any tobacco product in seconds. The unique liquid blends easily into your cigarette filter tip and enhances the taste of your smoke.

The Penthol Applicator Pen is an innovative device that will help you enjoy your cigarettes even more. This clever product allows you to flavour your tobacco without any complicated equipment or messy solutions. Apply the pen’s liquid blend directly onto your cigarette filter and enjoy the added flavour as you inhale.

You’ll love how easy it is to customise the taste of your cigarettes using this convenient applicator pen. It’s ideal for menthol smokers who want to enjoy their favourite brands but also want a hint of minty freshness added to their smoke.

How Penthol Applicator Pen works

This menthol applicator pen is a unique product that can infuse menthol into your cigarette filters quickly and easily. It works like a marker and has a retractable tip that allows you to dab the end of the filter so that the menthol will be infused with it. The pen also has a swab on both sides of the tip so that you can swipe it on both sides of the paper on the cigarette to fully infuse it with menthol.

The pen will work with any type of cigarette filter, including your favourite regular cigarette brand.

The Final Word

The UK government has banned the sale of menthol cigarettes. This means that soon, all UK stores will only sell regular cigarettes. So, if you’re worried about what this means for you as a smoker, you can consider this alternative to menthol cigarettes in the UK.

Menthol is a flavouring agent that has been used in cigarettes since the 1920s to give smokers a smoother taste. It also masks the harshness of the smoke with a cooling sensation on the tongue. If you still want to enjoy menthol cigarettes, the Penthol applicator pen is one of the best alternatives.