Why Students Should Learn a Foreign Language

You are probably here because you’ve heard of the many myths and misconceptions about learning a second language. For instance, most people believe that when kids learn a second language at a younger age, they are confused. Research has shown that bilingual kids tend to score better in core subjects compared to monolinguals.

The world is like a global village today. The truth is that when students are being proficient in a foreign or second language they get an opportunity to engage and interact with the outer world. There are different language classes online that students can register and start learning right from their phones.

1. Connect with the world 

Being able to communicate with other people in their native language is one of the most fulfilling gifts. Learning at least one foreign language gives you an upper hand when communicating and engaging with others in a world of hundred languages. You can communicate with a wider audience on a personal and professional basis.

Knowing a foreign language and speaking it fluently makes you a local regardless of your origin. You will feel good when strangers welcome you to their homes just because you can speak in their language – so inspiring.

2. Take your career up 

Learning a second language can be a competitive advantage that makes you stand out from the rest of your peers. No matter your skills, learning a second language is one of the qualifications you will need to push your career to the next level.

Employers prefer bilingual candidates to monolinguals because of the many benefits they bring to their companies. Whichever career you are trying to build, learning a second language is one way of staying ahead of the crowd.

3. Improve your confidence 

Learning a new language is not that easy. Ideally, when learning a new language, you are most likely to make a mistake in front of your audience. All these are part of learning.

Going through all the hurdles of learning new vocabulary rules and grammar and making those mistakes makes you bold in the end.

Learning a second language means moving out of your comfort zone and gaining new milestones. You feel a sense of accomplishment when conversing with an individual in their mother tongue.

4. Boost your memory and decision making 

As a student, your memory should serve you right. You should also be able to make the right decisions within a short time. A recent study shows that decisions made in a second language are more reason-driven than those made in the native language.

There is an assumption that when we deliberate in a foreign language, we tend to disassociate ourselves with the emotional touch from our mother tongue. It means when making decisions on a second language. You are only focusing on facts, emotions aside.

When you learn a second language, you tend to draw comparisons to what you believe is more familiar. You also tend to understand more about your culture and appreciate other people’s culture. You can decide to appreciate what you already have or explore to gain more insights into other cultures across the globe.

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