Why SEO Is a Must for Competitive Industries

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Search Engine Optimization is a core business practice for any brand, and it’s the first thing you need to know to advance your business. The importance of social media and digital marketing campaigns has never been greater than in the current climate, and competitive businesses are catching on like never before.

During this unprecedented time of Covid-19 lockdowns and social distancing measures, the digital sphere of influence is seeing a surging level of importance that dwarfs even its typical measure of simple superiority. To understand why, we must first think about how the internet itself acts as a springboard for information sharing. From CBD tinctures to automotive repair, SEO and companies like LinkGraph are essential for continued success.

The internet’s role in knowledge consumption is omnipresent.

The internet was conceived of as a way to share computing power between systems in remote locations. The project’s designers obviously considered the ramifications of a network that could send packets of information in rapid time—reimagining the role of the postal service or even the phone call in our daily lives—but the current potency of digital media and online participation has certainty surpassed even their wildest dreams. When computer scientists in computing labs at UCLA and Stanford sent the first digital message between their machines, the world was forever changed.

The internet makes possible the acquisition of virtually any tidbit of knowledge that a viewer might want to find (CBD products, for instance, or tips on workout recovery processes). However, the process of finding key resources has been muddied due to the sheer volume of data that is contained within the network of interconnected machines all around the globe. This is where SEO practices come to the fore.

SEO collates and organizes data for a smooth, prioritized relay.

The trouble with the digital infrastructure is that it’s too massive for standard consumption. There are over 600 million unique blogs on the web, with more than 31 million active bloggers in the United States alone focused on as many different niche topics. SEO practices help your content rise to the top amid a crowded virtual field of competitors all vying for the spotlight.

With the help of a professional SEO firm like LinkGraph (see linkgraph.io for more on the brand’s offerings) you can cut straight to the heart of the SEO process and begin to see significant results in short order. Sales and customer acquisition are driven by viewers and brand awareness, and with the help of a professional outlet that lives and breathes for digital content creation you can immediately put your brand out there with the big names and compete for a larger market share than you’d ever dreamed possible.

Target your niche.

SEO is a targeted approach to content creation. It begins with keyword research and takes these lessons into the process of creating stunning blog copy that will attract the attention of both viewers and the algorithms that put certain sites at the top of a search engine results page (SERP). For instance, CBD for muscle recovery is a growing topic in the health supplement and CBD industries together. This means that if you want to grow your CBD or workout supply brand you will have to target the keywords and phrases related to CBD and supplements that people are searching for and using in conversation about these topics.

CBD oil is used in treatment for a growing list of aches, pains, and injuries. CBD is a cannabidiol compound, like THC but without psychoactive effects, that comes from the hemp plant. Unlike THC, CBD provides essential inflammation relief and other health benefits without the intoxicating after effects that THC produces in the user. Without these additional effects, other products from the hemp family can effectively be used as a natural remedy for many of life’s common injuries and ailments.

With the help of an SEO campaign you can begin to stand out from the crowd with your CBD or other competitive products, creating a lasting success for you and your brand.