Why is it important to be on Instagram? Here are 5 benefits!

There is no doubt that social media is a really powerful tool nowadays. So, the question should be asked – where does such popularity come from, and is new media just a figment of modern developers’ imagination, or can individual users really benefit from such platforms? In this article, we will focus on one medium in particular, namely Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram was founded in 2010, so it’s a relatively young platform, but one that has unexpectedly gained popularity quickly. Why? Well, it is a free app that is available to everyone.

Originally, Instagram was a kind of photo blog, which at the same time differed from other platforms because it offered photos in a specific format, which is a square. Besides, from the very beginning, it offered filters that were able to effectively improve any photo. Thus, we can admit that at the time of its creation, this application was particularly attractive for young people, who in the form of photo reports could develop their creativity in a broadly understood way.

How is it nowadays? Well, we have to admit that Instagram has evolved a lot. The portal, originally created in English, is now available in 33 different languages. It is used not only by young people, but also by stars, celebrities, as well as various kinds of companies that advertise their business in this way.

Why is it important to be on Instagram? – 5 benefits

As we have already mentioned, Instagram has evolved and is constantly changing, thanks to which it already counts more than a billion active users, and about 4 billion reactions are left every day, such as Instagram likes and comments. Just being part of such a large group should encourage us to create an account there. However, if this is not enough for you, read the additional five reasons.

Instagram is a mine of ideas and creativity

It’s no secret that Instagram has millions of different users. However, what is important – the content of the owners of this app is unique! Practically everyone who has an account there offers something different to the audience.

Do you like professional photos and graphics? Nothing simpler – search for appropriate creators. Do you like images related to nature? That’s no problem either. Love to follow the lives of celebrities? Just find them on the platform and start following them. We can list a lot of similar examples, but the most important conclusion we can draw is that – EVERY Instagram user can find something for themselves there!

Instagram is where you’ll find a wealth of information

And that’s information on any topic. After all, the app has become an alternative to traditional blogs. Instagram is now a platform that all sorts of professionals or specialists in particular fields have decided to use. As a result, you can actually find everything on this platform. From information about the world (yes, popular news sites have their accounts on Instagram); to recipes (photos of chefs from Instagram make you instantly hungry); personal trainers (after all, Instagram is also the possibility to add videos), or finally doctors who offer health advice and many, many others. Just like the previous point – there is something for everyone, which is just fantastic!

Instagram is a platform that will help you promote yourself

Since we were talking about professionals earlier, it is impossible not to mention advertising in the context of Instagram. Creators of thematic accounts on this platform can promote themselves or their brand in a simple yet free way.

Just a few moments a day, regularity and unique content are enough to gain new fans or potential customers – here, depending on the specific case. At the beginning, of course, you need to spend some time to gain a group of faithful observers, but over time it becomes easier and easier. So-called followers are the basis for success in this case, because – like many similar platforms – Instagram promotes particularly popular accounts. So take care of your followers and encourage them to “like” your content.

Instagram is where you can make money

How do you make money on Instagram? Those familiar with the subject certainly know that there are several options. Going back to promoting yourself or your brand (see the point above), Instagram, on which you will find new fans or customers will certainly contribute to popularizing your business, thus indirectly increasing your income.

The second and probably the most popular way to make money in this application is to promote or advertise other companies and users. Users who are very popular may decide to cooperate in this way. Similarly, as in the case of promotion – here also counts the number of followers and likes. The more, the better.

Instagram is finally a place where you can develop friendships!

Developing friendships online doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. Instagram is one platform that connects certain groups of people. Interestingly – Instagram allows us to search for specific content that interests us. In this way, without leaving home, we find people from all over the world who have similar hobbies, passions or interests.

In this way, you can gain a really large circle of acquaintances, and maybe even friends. This is certainly a very positive feature of Instagram, because in a world of widespread digitization we should still remember other people and relationships, and Instagram allows us to do so.


You know from this article that Instagram is a great, growing tool. However, keep in mind that if you want to make a name for yourself on this platform (e.g. as an influencer) then you need to put a lot of time and work into the process of creating your own brand.

Likes and followers are the foundation of success. You can try to get Instagram followers on your own, but you can also simply buy packages that provide both likes and followers and thus increase your reach. Regardless of what you choose – remember – it’s all in your hands!

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