Why Indian Students prefer to study MBBS in the Philippines.

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The competition for seats in the top medical colleges is too high, forcing Indians to look for other equally good alternatives. The Philippines is a personal favorite studying location for Indian students due to several reasons. Here is what you need to know.

No donations are needed.

One problem that all Indian students need to face is paying donations to get into any good private college. In the Philippines, while most of the top medical colleges are private, you do not need to pay anything other than the admission fees and tuition charges to get into the institute.

Affordable Living.

To complete your MBBS, you need to spend six years in the same institute. When you stay at a place for that long, the cost and standard of living matter a lot. The Philippines is fairly affordable, and the living and accommodation charges are relatively economical.

Cost of Education.

Compared to other options of studying abroad, the Philippines provides the same standard of education as top institutes in the US or the UK at the price of the top colleges in India. You would be spending an average of 1500000 INR for six years which is justified for Indian Private Standards. You can know more by visiting the college websites as well.


Not only does the Philippines have three international airports, but it is also well connected by public transport domestically. For students to get around, you have buses, taxis, and metro for ease of movement.


One of the biggest reasons for Indian students to pick this country for higher studies is the climate. The climate ranges anywhere from 25 to 34 degrees throughout the year, perfect for Indians who are used to a similar climate. Indians face no problem adjusting to the weather in the Philippines.

Career Opportunities.

The worth of the MBBS degree completed in the Philippines is so high that you can easily land a job in countries like the USA and UK once you graduate from here. Moreover, the education standards have been recognized by WHO itself.

The Food.

Another one of the major factors for Indian students to shift to the Philippines rather than any other country is the types of cuisines you can find there. The food there is affordable, has all the cuisines you want, and is above all, delicious.


The great thing for Indians is that if you have cleared your NEET exams, you should face no complications in getting into a good college and getting your visa approved for the Philippines. National Eligibility cum Entrance Exam is mandatory for medical science students in India to go to the Philippines.

English Speaking country.

The literacy rate of the Philippines is above 90 percent, and the majority of the population speaks English. The lectures are in the English language, so there is no language barrier for Indian students, plus the teaching and other staff is said to be very professional. Therefore, it is one of the safest countries for students from other countries.