Why Eco-Friendly Gifts for Loved Ones Are Trending?

Offering an eco-friendly gift to your loved one can be an opportunity of a lifetime. If you are looking for some eco-friendly gift options for your friends or loved ones, choices are plenty. However, choosing an eco friendly gift that also fights the challenges of climate change can be an awesome idea altogether.

The concept of doing a bit for the planet earth means you are playing a proactive role in championing a cause. You can give a thoughtful gift that works towards getting CO2 removed from the environment.

On special occasions, you can initiate the CO2 removal process right from the comfort of your home. Just press a mouse button, and the process will start. Give your loved ones the gift of a lifetime and make them part of the environment conservation process.

How to Initiate the Gifting Process

Choosing such a gift is simple. Customize your message and design and then choose the date and time. Place your order and confirm the same. Immediately, you will receive a confirmation message in your email inbox informing you that you have successfully placed an order for a sustainable gift.

You will get a link to the PDF document, which you can download for future reference. It comes with a one-time payment system and you need not worry about automatic renewal. The system won’t even store your payment-related details and cookies in their server.

Did you know every year city residents emit around 10-tonnes of Carbon Dioxide? It’s around 28 Kg of CO2 generated every 24 hours. Now, you can well imagine how precarious its impact can be on mother earth.

The Direct Air Capture Machines

The system works through direct air capture machines, which use the advanced and latest technology to get carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere. Through environment-friendly gift solutions, these machines expedite the process of carbon dioxide removal from the open atmosphere.

It also spreads the word about climate positivity among your loved ones.

According to environmentalists, direct air capture machines have to neutralize around 4 to 29 tons of CO2 per year. It will help the world accomplish the global target of zero-emission annually, in tune with the global climate change record.

We have to reduce carbon emissions also work towards preserving the planet earth. Every person has to work towards scaling up the needs of removing CO2 from the environment.

The Categorization of Carbon footprints is as follows:


Around 10-Kg of CO2 is generated per day due to vehicles moving from one place to another using bus, trains, and cabs.


11 Kg of Carbon Dioxide is generated every day by making use of electricity and home appliances.


Every household uses around 8 kg of food, shopping, and other hobbies.

In Conclusion 

Using eco-friendly gift solutions, you have four types of gift options: Discovery gift, Explorer gift, Expedition gift, and special customized gifting option. All these gift options come with different pricing options chargeable in EUR.

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