Why Does P2e Gaming Become Extremely Popular in the Online Gaming Industry?

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 (Play to earn gaming) video games and virtual social worlds where players can earn crypto tokens. Many games need a token or NFT purchase, whereas others allow players to earn cryptocurrency just by playing. 

Axie Infinity, Zedd Run, and Gods Unlimited are among the most popular P2e gaming in 2022. However, instead of the game’s cryptocurrency. Coin Hunt World rewards players with Bitcoin and Ethereum tokens.

Reasons for P2e Games’ Success:

Competitive gaming, often known as Sports, has been mostly regarded as a way to earn money for playing (P2E). It is currently a major aspect of the concept, with revenues from the platforms likely to exceed $1 billion this year. However, with the confluence of gaming, crypto, and NFT, we are experiencing growth. 

The variety in which every player gets money by participating in this developing blockchain-based variation of P2E trading (some call it P2E 2.0). Technology allows NFT to be added to basic game dynamics. It allows P2E to reach a larger audience that doesn’t even play P2e gaming. This is accomplished by closing the gap between game economics and actual money. They allow users to own and sell in-game assets through blockchain technology.

How does it Work?

Although there are many theories about how economies work, We like to teach things by example. So I came across this excellent site that beautifully deconstructs Axie Infinite. To summarize the game in a single sentence, you purchase/earn NFT creatures known as Axis and participate in conflicts with them.

So, in addition to Axis, there are three elements at the heart of the game:

  • Energy: Each conflict necessitates the usage of energy. If a player runs out of energy, they can continue the fight. But they will not acquire SLP or experience. It emphasizes the game’s significance of energy. However, the quantity of Axis, a player has determined the quantity of energy they can get and how rapidly it recovers. It encourages consumers to purchase additional Axis.
  • SLP (Smooth Love Potion) is the commodity earned through battle victory. Along with AXS, SLP is one of the currency pairs.
  • AXS, often known as $AXS, is a blockchain-based ERC-20 coin. AXS has non-gaming use. However, it can be utilized in the game to breed young Axis besides SLP.
  • At the center of the story, SLP is the most important currency. Battles between AI and actual players earn the player XP and SLP. However, only when the gamer has energy do they gain XP and SLP. By obtaining more Axis, you can boost your overall gain and generating rate. After every two weeks, the player can transfer the SLP amounts to the Ronin Wallet (on the network). On the other hand, this SLP can then be used to create Axis as well.

Final Verdict:

In 2022, many games are expected to integrate P2e gaming. We believe that the features given by blockchain games will predominate gamers’ perceptions of gaming. Nowadays, GenITeam is starting to work on another few games. In addition, three NFT awards will be presented. You can either buy the access from Sandbox or exchange that with another player on OpenSea.