Why Does My Dog Pee On My Bed?

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Peeing on the bed is a problem that is not only limited to the puppies, as dogs are also facing the problem. Almost all dogs with all kinds of breeds face the issue on the bed of their parent/owner. Also, it is not possible that the problem of behavioural changes is occurring due to the wet bed. There could be some other associated concerns, and people would have to keep these medical concerns under consideration.

For those who have questions like why my dog pee on my bed, we have described this. Here are mentioned some of the potential reasons why dogs might pee on the bed.

Reasons behind Dog Doing Pee on Parent’s Bed

Problem in the urinary tract: The pee on the bed could be due to an infection or problem associated with the urinary tract. This is not a major concern, but it is better not to ignore the issue even if it is not a major medical condition.

Stress: It has been observed that stressed dogs tend to have behavioural problems, and one of these could be related to wetting the bed. Dogs can suffer from anxiety, and hence they might be excreting on the bed intentionally.

Medical issues: Medical issues in the body of dogs can lead to a lot of problems. One of these can be wetting the bed by the dog. Some common medical problems that can lead to wetting on the bed are diabetes and kidney failure.

Attention seeking behaviour: There is a possibility that your dog might be wetting your bed because it is looking for some kind of attention from you. This is not a problem as long as this does not come out too much and you share enough time with them apart from feeding and sleeping time.

Territorial markings: Dogs’ territorial marking can lead them to pee on their owner’s beds, thinking this as their territory while they are sleeping. This is also a kind of understandable behaviour by dogs. This territorial marking can be from dogs looking at the feeding area and feeding area.

Play aggression: This is another possible reason dogs might pee on the bed can be because of play aggression, where they look to pee on their owner’s bed as a plaything. This aggression would generally be aimed at the owner and not towards other people who are seen near their bed.

Indoor dog training: Indoor dog training can also lead to wetting on the bed by your dogs; otherwise, this type of training is mostly used indoors for those pets that come home with different dog trainers from different areas. In this situation, you would be required to make your dog understand that the training area is for the purpose of training and not for doing other things in their own territory.

Redirecting aggressive behaviour: In certain cases, a dog might be peeing on the bed to redirect aggression. This is also a kind of understandable behaviour, but it should be handled properly without any harsh punishment. Punishment can have a strong effect on dogs and can lead to more aggressive acts. It is better to take some time to understand their type of aggression and act upon it properly rather than initially punishing them.