Why are gaming laptops so expensive?

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A house, a car, and the best gaming laptop are the only aims of gamers’ life. Their supreme goal is to own a gaming laptop that gives them high graphics, speedy ram, and can run every latest game without lagging. But the core issue is that gaming laptops are much more expensive than ordinary laptops. Such expensiveness puts the gamers in trouble. Because, they cannot perform well on low-rate laptops and also such laptops have low graphics. Also, they cannot fulfill the requirements of advanced games. They cannot compete with others in modern, new, and high graphics games. As a gamer myself, I can understand the graveness of their sorrow and the time they are going with seeing his friends in the top leadership board of the top and high graphics games.

Moreover, “Leaving your friend in a problem is a sin” and I don’t want to commit that. I came up here to suggest to you some of the best gaming laptops under 500 that will not only solve your problem but can save a bulk of your money and also give you the platform to compete with friends. Such laptops will give you the entire feature that you want to have in for the best gameplay. Besides, I will also tell you why are gaming laptops are so expensive. What are those reasons that made them beyond pockets? As compared to ordinary, gaming laptops contain many such items that are the basic needs for any modern and high graphics gameplay. Needs like; they require customization and up-gradation, to tackle the problem of overheating, high processor, strong battery, and high graphics card like the RTX 3090 graphics card.

Following this; I will explain each of the above-mentioned requirements for the best gameplay in detail, so that, every gamer knows the reasons behind the expensiveness of a gaming laptop.

Customization and Innovation

Normally laptops are slim, compact, and sleek that’s also the one reason that they are best gaming laptops under 500. Anything that is slips and unique is expensive, have a look over Apple Mac Book that looks so attractive but their price touches the sky. Moreover, all the requirements that a gaming laptop requires add an extra amount of money. If we compare it with desktops, there all components like ram, graphics card, processor, etc all are the same of different desktops and are transformable from one to another. But that’s not the case with laptops. 

Different companies come up with different types of laptops and have their unique components and are not compatible with another brand of laptops. Besides, all the components of laptops are built smaller in size to save space that is not that powerful to compete with desktops and usually heats up; there comes the strong possibility of melting and can even damage the whole system. Similarly, to make them compatible and powerful, they are manufactured strong with the ability to absorb more heat that also becomes the reason for their high rates. 


Overheating is the core problem of any gaming laptop. This is because there is not enough open space to continue the flow of air inside laptops. The same is also the issue of many desktops but as compared to laptops they don’t heat up that much because the manufactures left enough space that can pass the air. But in laptops, all enough space is considered to be wasted. Laptops are built more compact than desktops.

To counter that problem, the manufacture must keep every component that is a processor, graphics card, RAM, touchpad, etc in such a manner that can pass out the extra heat and maintain the optimal temperature. This issue is now limited to modern laptops but there is also a problem. Usually, the company comes up with two versions of laptops; one with a cooling system and another that lacks it. To minimize the heat it costs. That’s why laptops with cooling systems are more expensive. 

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High processor and strong battery

Besides, RAM and high graphics card, gamers’ need to have a high process for a smooth gameplay without lagging. The processor performs the role of the heart in the human body. If a system doesn’t have a process it can’t even start. If there is a processor and it’s of low quality then still it can’t help a gamer. So high processor is expensive and having that also raises the rate of laptop.

Furthermore, having a high processor also needs a quality battery that can give it a perfect backup time. Laptops can be used without connecting to the charger. If you don’t have a strong battery, you cannot play a game for a longer time. All the components of gamers’ laptops like processors and graphics cards consume a lot of charges and cannot perform well without a charger. So, the strong batter also raises the price. 

Graphics Card

Graphics card is the core of a gamers’ laptop. It gives you a high-quality resolution with no lagging problem. A lot of varieties of graphics cards are present in the market but if some want to have the best one will also be costly. So, for good gameplay with quality of resolution, there must require a graphics card. That’s also the factor of high rates of gaming laptops.

Final Thoughts

To sum up the entire discussion, above are the reasons due to which gaming laptops are expensive. In normal life, if you want to have well and quality items that are usually expensive and also long-lasting. A high processor, RAM, graphics card, and a strong battery are the basic needs of any pro gamer. If you don’t want to have them, they can’t even play today’s advance and high-quality games. In simple words, to have something big, you have to lose something.