Which refrigerator to choose?

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Choosing the right refrigerator is important, find the one that meets your needs!

When you have decided to choose a new fridge perfectly adapted to your daily life, several factors of choice must be taken into account. Your kitchen space, shopping habits, and smart refrigerator features determine which model is right for you. 

With our simple and dedicated refrigerator buying guide, we will help you choose the refrigerator that will perfectly meet your expectations. Which refrigerator to choose? How to choose your fridge? Which refrigerator to buy? These will be the few points to address in these articles.

How much space for a refrigerator?

Start by measuring the space you have. Electrolux refrigerators, under a large model, measure more than 100 cm in height. Standard models reach up to 80 cm, while a standard ตู้แช่เย็น refrigerator or even a small refrigerator fits perfectly under a worktop.

Refrigerators vary in height, width and depth. Browse our complete range of refrigerators to choose the one that will meet your expectations.

What foods can be stored in a refrigerator and how should they be stored?

Fresh fruits and vegetables  – Prefer refrigerators equipped with vegetable drawers (plan large for bulky vegetables).

Meat and fish – A fridge model with a compartment, which has a lower temperature than other fridge zones, will keep meat and fish fresh longer. So you can store your cooked food safely in the fridge.

Dairy products – Check if the refrigerator has a closed compartment in the door, designed to store the most delicate dairy products.

Beverages – Consider wine racks and adjustable shelves to store bottles or a built-in wine cooler to keep drinks cool. 

Knowing how to store food in the refrigerator is very important and allows optimized conservation of the latter to be done. We offer you a dedicated article on this subject.

What is the capacity of the refrigerators?

The capacity of refrigerators is measured in liters – or also said in volume – and you can estimate it in the number of full shopping bags. It depends on you to choose:

  • A 93-liter refrigerator – 5 shopping bags
  • A 200-liter refrigerator – 11 bags
  • A large capacity refrigerator – 387 liters – 20 bags

Pro tip: Leave some ตู้แช่ free space in the fridge so that air can circulate more easily and ensure efficient cooling.

What are the functions of refrigerators?

Shopping function  – The shopping function quickly cools your products to the right temperature, inside your fridge. Fill your refrigerator, it lowers the temperature to 2° for a maximum of 6 hours to bring the food back to an optimal temperature.

Vacation Function – This technology within your refrigerator keeps the interior temperature at 15ºc while you are away, preventing unpleasant odors in your empty refrigerator. Save energy while on vacation. So condiments and jams are kept safe.

System  – This system allows you to rearrange the door compartments of your refrigerator, however you like. And the new shelf design eliminates restrictions within your refrigerator itself. Organizing your refrigerator becomes child’s play.

What makes it special? Equipped with a combination

No Frost preserves the aroma of every food. The technology is more efficient than frost-free equipment, which combines two cooling systems. The refrigerator is frost-free. Refrigerator humidity is maintained at optimal levels, reducing food quality loss by 60%. A device with two cold spaces!

Smart, modern, and selected technologies make your Electrolux refrigerator an essential part of your everyday life.