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Which data anonymization tool to choose?

The demand for data anonymization tools is rapidly growing with the boost of information generated and shared online. An effective data anonymization tool can help you to meet data protection regulations, build trust in your customers with high data security and protect your own information from breaches.

GDPR-compliant tool

The core feature of an anonymization tool you will be looking for is compliance with the GDPR/PII guidelines.

The purpose of GDPR or The General Data Protection Regulations is to ensure that companies collecting, processing and storing personal information and especially PII (Personal Identifiable Information) of EU citizens are using reliable techniques for data protection. Even if your company is not based in the European Union, you will still have to act according to these regulations if you want to reach customers, partners or employees there.

Thus, it is worth investing in an anonymization tool that is already compliant with The GDPR. Safe data processing in accordance to these standards within Microsoft ERP systems is one of the primary goals of XPLUS (

Multiple Anonymization Techniques

There is a whole spectrum of techniques used for anonymization and pseudonymization including directory replacement, masking, shuffling or scrambling, blurring, generalization, substitution, number and date variance as well as data encryption.

The choice of a method depends on the type of data your company collects and the ways in which it processes it. For example, for organizations relying on massive ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, the range of data properties and ways of manipulation is excessive. Therefore, it is highly advisable to adopt an anonymization tool supporting several different security approaches.

For example, XPLUS provides both pseudonymization and anonymization. The latter one is irreversible and provides higher data protection, albeit it lowers the data value for analytical purposes. Since you can get a lot of valuable information for your company by analyzing it with Microsoft Business Intelligence, deploying an anonymization tool that supports several methods will give you more flexibility.

Other Features to Look for

Reusability can make your work with an anonymization tool easier. The possibility to create search configurations and reuse them across your company without any coding skills will save you time and money. A tool that is already equipped with functional predefined and yet customizable configurations will also prove to be useful. Additionally, an effective anonymization product will allow you to adjust search conditions to specific roles in your organization.

Make sure your tool supports automatic search for personal data that requires encryption and performs anonymization automatically.

Finally, with a smart tool, none of your commercial data, for instance, information related to ongoing orders or open invoices will be inaccessible.

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