Where Do I Buy A Hat Online?

Before you begin your search for straw hats for women, make sure that you know what size hat you wear. There are some online retailers who will provide measurements. If they do not, try measuring a hat that fits well to use as a guide.

You also need to know the colour and style of straw hat that you want to buy. This is very important because straw hats come in a wide variety of colours and styles.

Here are some straw hat facts to help you with your search:

Straw Hat Styles

Women’s straw hats can be divided into two main categories: indoor straw hats and outdoor straw hats. The former includes smaller women’s straw hats that are designed for home use only. They tend to be very decorative straw hats with decorations like flowers, bows and ribbons.

The most common straw hat styles worn by women are the sun hat and fedora straw hats. Sun hats should feature a wide brim that can shield your face from the harsh rays of the sun while also protecting your eyes from glare. Look for straw hats that have a built-in neck cord or chin strap so that they will stay on even in windy conditions. The fedora straw hat is a timeless classic style which looks good on almost everyone. It features a medium brim and round crown making it ideal for casual summer outings. If you want a look that appears more dignified than fun, this type of straw hat is the best choice.

Those are all straw hat styles for women that you can consider if you want to buy straw hats online.

Straw Hats for Women & Straw Hat Sizes

You should take your head measurements before buying straw hats for women or straw hats of any kind because straw hats have different sizes. When measuring your head, make sure the tape measure is not too loose or too tight against your skin so as to get an accurate measurement.

Here are some tips on how to accurately measure your head:

Place the end of the tape measure above one ear and bring it across the front hairline to just past the opposite ear. Make sure that measuring tape is even with forehead at this point (the widest part of your head). Be sure that the tape measure stays level across your head as you take the measurement.

You can round the number to the nearest inch or centimeter.

Once you know your straw hat size, look for straw hats that are sized according to your measurements for a proper fit. If it’s too tight, straw hats will give you a headache if not leave impressions on your skin while straw hats that are too loose will fall off easily.

Straw Hats for Women & Accessories

The key accessory that should be worn with straw hats for women is sunglasses. They should have lenses in darker shades like blue and green because these colours cancel out harsh sunlight. Look also for sunglasses with UV protection so as to protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation. It should be noted though that even when wearing dark sunglasses, another form of eye protection should be worn under straw hats to further protect your eyes.

Straw Hats for Women & Care

Men straw hats should be re-shaped frequently as straw is a natural fiber that can lose its shape due to regular usage and exposure to the elements. If you want straw hats for women with a firm straw hat, you may have to use steam or a professional reshaping service provided by some online retailers. You can also re-shape straw hats for women yourself using a steamer but make sure it’s not too hot as this might damage the straw hat.

Sun hats are often made from a paper straw while fedora straw hats tend to be made from more rigid material like bamboo, pith or raffia straw. Paper straw sunhats are easier to reshape while straw hats made from more rigid straws may be difficult to reshape.


Straw hats for women are great for casual summer outings. They’re versatile straw hat styles that can be worn with almost any outfit to complete the look. You should make sure you know how straw hats fit before buying straw hats online or elsewhere.

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