When Is The Best Time To Take HGH?

The human growth hormone or HCG is a medication for managing conditions such as growth hormone deficiency and can be administered through injections that require mixing, dosing as well as proper injection techniques. The best mode of application is by injecting it subcutaneously. In most instances, this medication is subsection-only and you get injected at the clinic. However, because of challenges that include the Covid-19, you must ask your doctor about mixing, dosing, and injection instructions.

The Optimal Dose

The optimal HGH dose that you can be given can be estimated in two main methods: the first method is based on the bodyweight of the recipient while the second is the default methods that are not based on the weight of the dose recipient. Also, the length of time that you have been taking this injection is taken into consideration, any side effects that you may have, and the percentage of fats when compared to your entire body weight.

What Is The Best Time For the Injection?

The best time to inject HGH is in the evenings at about an hour before you get to bed. This is the time that when injected leads to the synthesis of HGH that is more similar to the natural synthesis that occurs in healthy individuals.

Taking the human growth hormone in the early mornings leads to reduced availability and could even lead to lower insulin-related factors. Nevertheless, it can also work well when you administer HGH medication in the early mornings even though there were more than two meal intakes after getting this growth hormone medication injected.

What Happens When You Take HGH On An Empty Stomach?

When taken on an empty stomach, the effectiveness of HGH may not be affected at all. After administration through the subcutaneous method, the peak of the medication is noticed 4-5 hours after application. Then, the elevation will remain notable for between 8 and 12 hours. This makes it one of the best injection methods that are available for this medication today.

If taken after a meal, there will be an increase in insulin that is meal insulated, but his will come down completely by the time HGH reaches its peak.  You should be consistent every day regarding the time and place of application. When you create a routine, you will less likely miss a dose.

The Dosage Amounts

a). Weight-based products

For the weight-based method, every brand has a different method of doing the calculations. The dosage is mainly computed based on every kilogram of body weight (kgBW). 

  • Norditropin – the highest starting dose is 0.004 mg/kgBW and this can be increased to 0.016 mg/kgBW after 6 weeks.
  • Humatrope – the maximum dosage that you can start with is 0.006 mg/kgBW and you can increase it to 0.0125 mg/kgBW after 48 weeks of using it.
  • Genotropin the highest starting dosage is 0.006 mg/kgBW and you can increase this to 0.012 mg/kgBW after 4-8 weeks.

b). Non-weight based products

Patients can start with a fixed dose of 0.2mg/day and this can be increased at a slow pace to 0.1-0.2mg for every 4-8 weeks.

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