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MediMove, also a wheelchair manufacturer,  Wheelchairs are used mostly by the disabled. But it is not specifically meant for that purpose. The sole goal of wheelchairs is to provide users with the highest level of comfort. As a result, to ensure that wheelchairs are optimal for people with disabilities. It opens up opportunities for wheelchair users to learn, work, participate in social activities, and access services. Wheelchairs can be permanently and temporarily used for a variety of disabilities. As some people find it difficult to walk, while others are completely incapacitated.


wheelchair manufacturer– MediMove, believes in customer satisfaction but never compromises on providing service and maintaining quality standards. It also meets patent security and ROHS compliance requirements. Our wheelchairs are a unique and complex design combination, but the final product is simple, easy to use, and has no complexity. In addition to manual and electric wheelchairs, there are also mobility aids such as elbow crutches, walkers, and toilet wheelchairs. There are different options between wheelchairs customized by color and size.


If it meets the needs and environmental situations, wheelchairs are appropriate. Wheelchairs that provide appropriate adaptation and physical support based on solid biomechanical principles. Every user search for Safe and durable wheelchairs but they should be affordable.

Wheelchairs can be used for two purposes.

Physical use: Wheelchairs were developed for temporary applications just like at a hospital. They help in moving a patient from one department to another. It is not designed to ensure posture. Some wheelchairs are designed to have special position needs. Such wheelchairs have added additional components to support users.

Usage: This wheelchair can be used both indoors and outdoors. Different wheelchair designs allow you to make your wheelchair more compact in different ways.


It is impossible to say which wheelchair is best because each is used to serve a different purpose. The optimal type of wheelchair depends on your condition and your doctor’s suggestion. When choosing the wheelchair look for all the factors. Below are some of the wheelchair types that will help you choose the right wheelchair.

  • Light wheelchairs

Light wheelchairs are a great option for people who can get tired of being in a heavy wheelchair or who can’t move a heavy wheelchair on their own.

  • Prescription transport wheelchairs

These wheelchairs are useful because they can be prepared with many adjustments for the user before they are ordered. This means that if the user has a very specific set of requirements, it can be made accordingly.

  • Self-propelled wheelchairs

Self-propelled wheelchairs have a handlebar attached to the wheel, meaning the wheel can be turned by the user, giving the perfect freedom to move. They can also be incredibly light, which means they’re easy to maneuver and move around, so you won’t put too much strain on your hands while moving.

  • Positioning wheelchairs 

They are available to provide additional support to the user’s head when needed. These types of wheelchairs are also tiltable, so the user can be relaxed and in a natural position.

  • Heavy-duty transport wheelchairs

Many people who may need a wheelchair may not be suitable for a lighter wheelchair and may need a stronger wheelchair. Although these wheelchairs are extremely durable, they are still light in weight and can still be transported easily.


MediMove is the best wheelchair brand in India not because they manufacture and distribute it, but the best part is that all the components used in the wheelchair are manufactured by themselves and not exported. Here are some factors to consider:

Made in India

The unique or most significant factor is that it is made in India, we believe that not only distribution but also manufacturing if done in the country will be of great help. As a result, MediMove supports the production of not only wheelchairs but also every component, from bolts to wheels, to be used in wheelchairs. This feature makes us one of the best wheelchair brands in India than any other. Through that, there is a huge support for the Made in India concept.

Quality products with service

When it comes to serving wheelchair customers in India not only the product but service must also be the best. Meeting the needs of customers is what makes a brand the best compared to the rest. We believe in customer satisfaction without compromising service quality.

Respect the principles

For ROHS compliance and patient safety, MediMove believes in following all guidelines.


Each brand has its distinct features and functions, which make this brand ideal for choice. These include its size or load capacity or color. MediMove proves to be the best brand because of its goal of providing users with personalized wheelchairs. When shopping for a wheelchair, users tend to research and analyze brands, but we help you choose from among the many options available from us.

Continuous improvement

To be the best, you have to upgrade and improve. MediMove strives to upgrade every day by bringing innovation in the process of manufacturing and distribution. By keeping in mind, the price factor of wheelchairs in India.


The basic materials used to make wheelchairs are titanium, aluminum, and steel. If the materials are of the best quality, they will last longer than required. And if you’re looking for the best, forget the rest. Because we build each basic element ourselves and then turn it into a finished product. We try to make every wheelchair with great effort.  


This is the most important factor because if the wheelchair doesn’t last long and if it has to be changed over and over it becomes a bit expensive for anyone. At MediMove, we strive to provide durability at an affordable price, as these are the main reasons for purchasing a wheelchair.

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