What’s the Difference Between FMJ & Hollow Point Bellot 9mm?

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When choosing the right 9mm handgun rounds for practice or self-defense, you’ll notice that there are full metal jacket and hollow point varieties. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to know which bellot 9mm ammo is right for you. 

That’s what we seek to provide some clarification in this blog, so you know what you’re choosing between the two for your own needs.

Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) Bellot 9mm

Essentially, a full metal jacket round is typically made up of a soft lead core that’s surrounded by a hard metal shell. This is usually made of a gilding metal or something like cupronickel because of their ability to maintain their trajectory and composure better than most types available.

FMJ rounds are characterised as being very robust ammo that offers increased capacity for penetration and much less in the way of expansion when hitting soft tissue. The fact that they don’t expand when striking the target makes them the perfect choice for a clean shot. 

Hollow Point Rounds

When choosing hollow point 9mm ammo, you get an expanding round that features a hollowed-out tip. They’re ideally suited to hunters and those looking to use a handgun for self-defense purposes, as unlike FMJ rounds, hollow points do expand when they hit their intended target.

The fact that hollow points have a hollow center means that the rounds deform when they strike soft targets, however, when hitting steel and concrete, they lose a lot of penetration.

Why Choose One Over the Other?

Both FMJ and hollow point rounds have lots of fans, as both have a range of benefits, drawbacks and ideal use cases. 

Self-Defense : Hollow Point is Best

For instance, FMJ Bellot 9mm ammo is great for hunting, but not ideal for home or self-defense because of the increased penetration and likelihood that an unintended target might get hit. 

Range Practice & General Shooting : Hollow Point Wins Again

When you’re down at the range, the stronger and cleaner result offered by FMJ rounds means there’s an increased risk of ricochet, so hollow points are preferred – not to mention the fact that hollow points are generally cheaper.

Quick Feeding : FMJ Comes Out on Top 

An area in which full metal jacket rounds come out on top is when talking about quick feeding. It’s able to outperform hollow points, although not by too much. 

Hunting : Something of a Tie

Many people like to use FMJ Bellot 9mm ammo when hunting, as its ballistic performance is superb, losing neither speed nor accuracy. That said, hollow points are able to expand into the target, making them better for taking down big game. 

Finding the Right Choice For Your Needs

The ammo you opt for your handgun needs is your own decision to make, but we hope the information we’ve provided goes some way to helping you make wise buying choices.

It’s all a question of performance and stopping power. Anyone wanting to increase stopping will likely go for a hollow point and anyone wanting improved ballistics will tend to choose FMJ. 

What you select, however, is entirely up to you.