What’s in a set of bamboo sheets?

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The bamboo sheets come in different sizes and are usually packed in sets.

Twin size.

In the twin size bamboo sheet set,

  • There’s one flat sheet. The size of the flat sheet is 66 by 96 inches.
  • A fitted sheet that measures 39” W x 75” L x 14″ D
  • And then one queen pillowcase which measures 20 by 30 inches.

Twin XL size.

In the Twin XL bamboo sheet set, you can find three materials, namely;

  • One flat sheet that measures 66 by 96 inches.
  • One fitted sheet measuring 39” W x 80” L x 14″ D.
  • And a 20 by 30 inches queen pillowcase.

Full size.

The full-size bamboo sheet set has

  • One flat sheet size measuring 81 by 96.
  • One fitted sheet size measuring 54” W x 75” L x 14″ D.
  • And two 20 by 30 inches queen pillowcases.

Queen size.

The queen size is the most common. The set includes:

  • One flat sheet measuring 92 by 104 inches.
  • A fitted sheet size measuring 60” W x 80” L x 14″ D.
  • And two 20 by 30 queen pillowcases.

King size.

The king size bamboo sheet set has

  • A 110 by 104 inches flat sheet size.
  • One fitted sheet that measures 78” W x 80” L x 14″ D
  • Two king pillowcases measuring 20 by 40 inches.


The Cal-King bamboo sheets set includes:

  • One flat sheet that is 110 by 104 inches big.
  • One fitted sheet measuring 72” W x 84” L x 14″ D.
  • Two 20 by 30 inches king size pillowcases

A big size weighted blanket for two

Compared to other blankets, weighted blankets aren’t made to be tucked in. They are designed to fit just the surface of the bed. They are quite similar to a mattress pad. The difference is that you lay under a weighted blanket while you sleep on a mattress pad.  Weighted blankets are made in different sizes so that they can suit different bed sizes. One of the many sizes is the king size weighted blanket.

The king size weighted blanket also puts the right amount of pressure on the people using it and helps them get relief from disturbing health issues such as depression, stress, and other health problems. It gives a massaging touch and also calms the system. King size weighted blankets are also made from natural bamboo. The bead fillings do not leak nor does it move. This helps you achieve your planned perfect night.

The king size weighted blanket is equivalent to a king size bed. However, unlike some weighted blankets, it is very heavy. This makes it unsuitable for just one person. It is perfect for two people. The weight of a king size weighted blanket on one person will be uncomfortable, but when used by two individuals, the weight will be distributed without any disturbances. It also gets rid of anything that may cause interval waking up, be it hotness or coldness. The temperature regulation can be trusted.