What You Should Do in NBA 2K21 My TEAM

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The new updates are going to be revealed in NBA 2K21 MyTEAM, there are lots of speculations about the potential new cards. Then what should you do now in MyTEAM? Here are three main points from Wildmont Gaming you can refer to.

What You Should Do in NBA 2K21 MyTEAM Now?

  1. Sell the cards you don’t require

What You have to do now in NBA 2k21 MyTeam? Let’s get right into it first things first of course we’re getting past tomorrow so if you have anything just laying around you might want to sell you want to get rid of go ahead and do that man, if you do have something you might be holding on for a while or you might just want to get rid of going to do that especially right now because the market is kind of high man the market has been high for a while now and this is a perfect time for you to sell anything that you would not be using, this is also going to be a really good time to prepare for that market crash that’s going to come tonight or either tomorrow, we get a market crash on pretty much a lot of Thursday nights and then leading to the weekend.

  1. Play triple threat online

After doing this we’ll head into the second part, triple threat online if you have not seen now by the time you all see this these rewards will be gone but they have updated triple offline you get so many free packs from this that you guys can stack and like a serious amount of NBA 2K21 MT PS4, Xbox One or other platforms, just playing triple threat if you play triple online for two or three hours a day you should have a decent amount of MT NBA 2K, you should not be struggling for mt at all, you have the normal pass on that right you have Julius Randle run harper time consumable radioactive but the cool thing that they’ve done now is you also have the ability to get past like you get this NBA finals pack you get a loyalty pack you get quantum packs like you can have all of these different past sleepers packs and again, that are just big paths that you just want to change the world right but pretty much out of all of those packs, if you get 30 of those free packs you got a decent amount of mt on your hands, if you have not seen the updated triple threat online, which is mode better, it’s probably the best mode in 2K gameplay. There’s no reason you guys should not be playing triple throw a lot, it is best mode gameplay and in terms of content both of that matter.

  1. Free rewards in the next update

Another thing we’re probably going to figure out which player we’re going to be getting tomorrow as our free reward, we don’t know how they got that conclusion but by the time y’all see this. Who it is? It probably could be fragrantly it will pretty much guarantee, now that it’s going to be a point guard,  any free point guard is going to be good and 2K has been killing it with these free cards but like Jaren Jackson, the card is actually really good, hopefully, they can continue to do that because these past couple of weeks the free cards they’ve been giving us have actually been solid enough, if you have not done these challenges yet, go ahead and do them please there’s been speculation that 2k might add like a different tier past J.R Smith if they do it, that definitely would be cool, if they do it, you do want to actually make sure you get as much XP as possible that way you won’t have to just be trying to grind and scramble and XP, knock out these speed challenges up here just in case they add a different tier, hopefully they open the token market at some point, don’t go out there and just spend your tokens you want to hold on to your tokens because 2K loves to just get sent out rewards and then open the token market if you haven’t finished your domination, this is 100% worth it. Earn NBA 2K21 MT Xbox One, Xbox Series, PS5, and VC from it.