What Types Of Events Require Tents?

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It is becoming more and more common to celebrate outdoor parties, and it is for this reason, the rental of tents and party tents supplier is an excellent option. These are structures that allow greater control of the organization and protect guests from weather conditions.

In recent years, one of the biggest trends when organizing a party is the use of tents. These types of tents can vary in size, depending on the dimensions of the celebration and the number of guests.

Many characteristics make these options one of the best to ensure that the event goes from strength to strength.

Advantages Of Party Tents

Tents at outdoor events are perfect for shelter. One of the main concerns that appear with the organization of an event is the climatic condition. An unforeseen storm or rain can change everything, and the truth is that it is not always possible to postpone a party. For example, in the case of large parties with a large attendance or concentrated by public bodies, it can become difficult to move the date. In the same way, it happens with festivals, weddings, or anniversary parties. For this reason, tents are the most popular option. Regardless of the weather conditions, they can protect guests.

On the other hand, it is a considerably cheaper option than renting a salon. You need a little decoration and the proper lighting to create a cozy and elegant atmosphere. If more spaces were required, it would be enough to rent a second tent to establish this division, allowing the guests to move freely to different places.

In the celebration of music festivals or concerts, they are also widely used to improve acoustics and guarantee the safety of the attendees, since they are very crowded events and whose needs must be covered one hundred percent. These tents are very varied, and some of them have extra flexibility, being able to adapt it if an even more closed or protected space is required. Not forgetting to mention that it can be mounted practically anywhere for easy disassembly once the event is over. This also saves time, something very crucial in organizing parties of any kind.

Details To Choose The Tent For Your Event

In summer night celebrations, colorless awnings or a glass roof are a great idea, allowing you to enjoy the sky and the night with the protection of an enclosed space. On the other hand, daytime summer events need protection from the sun: choose open but opaque tents that do not allow the sun’s rays to pass through.

Also, remember that there are different styles of tents when it comes to closure and appearance. In summer events, they can be open, providing only a roof. In mid-season events, you can opt for partial closure, with sections placed while others remain open, allowing pleasant air circulation. To take advantage of the outside light, these can be colorless or with windows.

For winter, closed tents gotten from party tents supplier are a clear choice. These are usually double to isolate from cold external temperatures while allowing air ventilation. They can be heated (also cooled in the summer), coming in the most diverse styles. Due to its structure in pipe and wood, any marquee allows almost any type of decoration, ensuring a safe placement of lights and heating elements.

Finally, remember that the marquee for your event can be placed on any floor, from ceramic tiles and firm cement (with weight feet that keep it in place) to huge tents and awnings that dig into the ground and the ground grass. For uneven floors or dingy areas, you can place wooden floors (plastic, wooden, even illuminated from below in more chic celebrations) that allow movement and safe dancing for all guests.

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