What To Do In The Event Of A Water Leak? The 6-Step Solution

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A water leak always happens when you don’t expect it, this is why you need a water leak detection sensors. The key is knowing how to intervene quickly to limit damage and minimize the cost of repairs. To be carried out yourself, these simple actions will allow you to prepare the ground before the plumber intervenes. Concretely, what can be done in the event of a water leak? Follow our HomeServe 6-step guide.

1. Turn Off The Electricity

Beware of the risk of electrocution! If a major water leak occurs, it is imperative to turn off the electricity. This is the first thing to do. Even more so if you think that water can reach the electrical outlets. But before turning off the electricity, it is essential to take some safety measures:

  • Do not touch any electrical source with bare feet;
  • Lean on a wooden support (not electrically conductive) rather than on metal support (electrically conductive);
  • Be quick when cutting.

Always turn off the electricity, even if you think there is no risk of electric shock. It’s a very simple gesture, but it protects you and your home.

2. Limit The Water Flow

Once the power is off, and you are safe, the damage should be minimized. You need to place a “bandage” on the leak area. This will serve to block the water and prevent it from spreading into the room. To curb the flow of water, calmly follow these instructions: Wrap a mop or rag where the leak is;

Tighten the fabric very tight to limit the dispersion of water.

This technique may be effective, but it will not stop the leak. But it has the merit of directing the water downwards. This will prevent water splashes that go in all directions. The falling water will be easier to clean up and collect in a container.

3. Find The Central Valve Or The General Shut-Off Valve

The central tap controls the water supply to your home. But its location varies depending on your accommodation. If you live in an apartment, the general water inlet tap is placed either in the kitchen or in the toilet. If yours is in the kitchen, check under the sink. Most often, it is located next to your water meter.

If you live in a house: in independent dwellings, the central tap is on the ground floor, the garage, or the garden (buried in a concrete manhole). In the latter case, remember to remove the protective cover.

4. Shut Off The Water Supply

Stopping the water supply is child’s play. Just turn the central tap by turning it clockwise. Consider showing the position of the faucet to everyone who lives with you. In the event of a leak, all you have to do is ask your children or your spouse to shut off the water supply. You will be able to take care of the mess without having to run around.

5. Determine The Source Of The Water Leak

If the source of the leak is obvious, it is easier to intervene. But sometimes, it is necessary to be rigorous and precise to detect the origin of the leak:

  • Leave visible traces of water
  • Gradually follow the traces of humidity
  • Go back to the source of the leak

Or better still get a water leak detection sensors installed

6. Take The Clues To Alert The Plumber

If you can’t figure out where the problem is, don’t panic. Better to call a professional. A qualified plumber Joondalup fixes leaks every day; it will be a formality for him.  However, it is better to report the water leak as soon as possible. To be able to locate it quickly, monitor the water meter regularly when no tap is on. If you notice that the meter is still running, it shows that there is a water leak. Another revealing element: your boiler. The water pressure in your boiler must be between 1 and 1.5 bar. If you notice too frequent pressure drops, there may be a water leak somewhere. So be vigilant to be able to contact a plumber at the first “symptoms.”

In the event of a leak, these simple actions can save you considerable damage. Whether your leak is apparent or not, it is essential to know how to stop it in time because otherwise, the damage may be very serious and the repairs very expensive.

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