What To Consider When Camping

Some items are essential in a camp, regardless of whether it is the first time you are going to camp or not. And for those just starting on camping adventures, some camping tips, as well as a checklist of essential items, can be a huge help.

Of course, this list will vary according to the location, the season, the period of stay, the number of people you will be camping with, and of course: the profile of each camper!

If you’re looking for camping tips and want your experience to be the best, here are suggestions below.

  1. Define The Destination And Type Of Camping

Choosing a destination, knowing what is nearby, and being aware of the weather forecast can seem like something relatively simple. However, they are essential factors to ensure the success of the adventure.

Likewise, it is equally essential, for beginners in the art of camping, to define what type of camping will be done. This allows you to know what to take or not to take, how the items will be transported, and even what infrastructures can be found at the campsite.

There are essentially two types of camping, Trekking or free camping, which usually involves walking long distances, getting to know different spots, and camping in different places. This type of camping usually requires lighter materials and is easy to store.

And the classic or organized camping, which is the most common, has support infrastructures such as water, electricity, shower area, etc.

Usually, as it is camping where people travel by car, it is possible to take more items and with different dimensions as they are easy to transport.

  1. Choosing The Right Tent

Since the tent will be, during the camping days, the temporary house must be chosen according to various characteristics such as the climate, the way it will be transported, among other characteristics.

For those who are looking for a tent and still do not know what the most important characteristics to choose a camping tent are, there are essential characteristics that determine the ideal model, such as time of year when you will camp, the place, climate, and even the number of people who will use the tent.

In the case of camping trekking, the tent must be light, easy to assemble, and possible to be carried in the backpack. In these cases, the ideal is that the tent has between 500g to 3kg and is waterproof to withstand rainy days.

The tent must be set up in a flat place, and the existing shadows must be used so that the equipment is not constantly exposed to the sun. If this happens, the waterproofing will no longer be as efficient as time goes by. To install the tent, the ground must be dry and without very tall grass. In addition, the assembly mustn’t be carried out near rivers or the sea, as the flow may rise.

  1. Prepare A List Of Essentials

Depending on the type of camping and the number of people, some essential items must be taken and others excluded. For a camping trip where you will stay for a few days and walk around with your backpack, it is ideal for taking fewer things.

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