What should be in a first aid kit?

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A first-aid kit is an indispensable thing, which should be properly formed, both at home and at work or while traveling. If you always have the necessary pills and medicines at hand, you can avoid serious health problems.

What you should have in your home first aid kit: general recommendations

The first aid kit at home is the most comprehensive list of medications you can buy at Mexican pharmacy Medicinesmexicorx. At the same time, you should not buy all possible medicines that expire over time.

The main groups of pharmacy products you should have in your first aid kit are the following:

  • Wound care products, antiseptics
  • Remedies for fever and colds
  • Painkillers
  • Gastrointestinal medications
  • Pills or syrups for allergies
  • Home medical equipment (blood pressure monitor, thermometer)

All drugs and medicines for your home first aid kit can be ordered from Mexican pharmacy online. It should be noted that some groups of goods can be provided by one remedy. This, for example, applies to antihistamines.

However, other groups of drugs, such as drugs for fever and colds, are recommended to buy in a wider range of products in the best mexican pharmacy. This is due to the fact that one remedy does not always help with a high fever. And in such a case, it is necessary to take a medicine with another active substance.

List of medicines for treating wounds in the first aid kit

Both at home and while traveling or at work, it is a good idea to have antiseptic agents and bandages on hand. This includes sterile and elastic bandages, cotton pads, band-aids, panthenol, peroxide, chlorhexidine and others.

With these remedies, you can quickly stop the blood and disinfect the surface of the wound. Also, some of the remedies listed above, that are available at certified mexican pharmacy, can help with burns.

Medicine for the first aid kit

Medications include painkillers, antihistamines, gastrointestinal medications, and for fever. Pain relievers, such as Ibuprofen, Aspirin, and Paracetamol, may be needed for headaches or toothaches. They may also help lower a high fever.

Cold-relief medicine includes nasal drops (vasoconstrictors and sea salt-based), cough drops (dry and wet), and throat lozenges. Antihistamines may be in syrup form (convenient for children) or as tablets.

Gastrointestinal remedies include antispasmodics, as well as medications for diarrhea and constipation. You can also buy anti-anxiety medications for your first aid kit from online mexican pharmacy, which may be needed at the most unexpected moment.

Additional Recommendations

In addition to the medicines listed above, every first aid kit should have a thermometer. Depending on the characteristics of health, you can add a tonometer (to measure blood pressure), a device for inhalation and auxiliary tools (scissors for bandages, tweezers).

These are the most general recommendations on the selection of medicines for the first aid kit. Note that people who have chronic diseases should complement the list of drugs. It is important to have the necessary remedies for chronic diseases at hand.

Also, if the family has young children, you should buy remedies that are suitable for their age. For children, medications differ in form of release – most often they are syrups or suppositories. Be sure to follow the dosage according to the weight and age of the child.

These are the most general recommendations for the selection of medicines for the first aid kit. Thus, a properly assembled first aid kit is an opportunity to solve health problems in the shortest possible time.