What Makes Luminous India a Popular Pedestal Fans Brand

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While ceiling fans are a must have in every Indian household, pedestal fans too have always been one of the most useful home electricals used in Indian homes. From powerful air delivery to customized cooling to ease of portability, pedestal fans offer several benefits. But to choose a good pedestal fan one needs to ensure that they buy from the best brand. One such brand that offers quality products is Luminous India. And if you want to know what makes Luminous India one of the most popular pedestal fan brands in India and why you should select them, read this.

1. Their fans have a powerful air delivery.

One of the primary functions of a fan is to provide adequate cooling. And that is possible only if the fan offers a good air delivery. Luminous India gives you just that. Their fans are engineered using the latest technology to ensure you get a high air delivery. Most of their pedestal fans offer a high air delivery in the range of 75 to 130 CMM.

2. Their fans are lightweight and easily portable.

Many people buy a pedestal fan because of its portability feature. So whether you are planning a party on the terrace garden or in any open space outdoors, you can install a pedestal fan anywhere you feel like. The good thing is the pedestal fans from Luminous India are lightweight and can easily be moved around from one place to another.

3. Their fans produce low noise.

Gone are the days when pedestal fans used to make a lot of noise. The latest Luminous India pedestal fans come with self-aligning sintered bronze bearings that help in self-circulating oil lubrication which in turn ensures noiseless operations.

4. Their fans come with a strong and heavy base that offers stability

Though pedestal fans are expected to be lightweight to allow ease of portability, it is also very important to ensure that pedestal fans come with a stable base. This can only be achieved by using a heavier base. The good thing is that Luminous is one of the pioneers of fan manufacturing know-how to ensure a lightweight fan with a strong heavyweight. So if you are looking for a fan that offers both portability and stability then you must consider buying a Luminous India pedestal fan.

5. Their fans come with excellent build quality.

As a consumer, quality should always be one of your top priorities when buying any product whatsoever. Luminous India too pays great attention to the quality of its fans. Their pedestal fans are made of high-grade engineering plastic that not only ensures longevity and better performance but also provides a smooth classy feel that has the ability to accentuate any home decor.

6. They come with aerodynamically designed blades.

Unlike pedestal fans (manufactured for commercial and industrial applications) that use sturdy metal blades, the pedestal fan blades in models that are designed for residential use are manufactured using durable plastics. The aerodynamically designed blades not only ensure a smooth airflow but also offer a long-range throw.

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If you have been thinking of buying pedestal fans but were unsure of what brand you should choose, Luminous India is undoubtedly a great option. Their fans will not just keep your home cool but will also spruce your home decor with their aesthetically pleasing looks.