What Level of Armor Is Best?

Body armor is used by a widely diverse group of people, including the military, police, first responders, and everyday people who require protection. As a result, several kinds of protective body armor are utilized today. These armors are categorized not only by the kinds of weapons they can guard against but also by how they are worn, how much damage they can withstand, and the materials they are made of. The materials utilized to make armor plates have an impact on the protection level of body armor. Therefore, it is important to understand all types of bullet proof vest protection to decide which level of protection is best.

Current Armor Levels

All types of body armor worn by law enforcement personnel can withstand drops, submersion, and ultimately ballistic tests. There are 6 levels of body armor protection:

  • 1st class. A light one made of cloth can protect against pistol bullets.
  • 2nd class. Weighs 5 kg, made of fabric and metal plates.
  • 3rd grade Weighs from 9 to 11 kg, protects against 9 mm bullets, and consists of fabric and metal plates + a damping layer.
  • 4th grade Made of metal plates from aluminum or titanium alloys, it will protect against automatic AKs.
  • 5th grade Can protect against machine gun fire and bullets of 7.62×39 millimeter caliber.
  • 6th grade. Made of modular means that are reinforced with ceramic plates; can protect against bullets from machine guns, sniper rifles, and machine guns.

What level of armor is right for you to choose?

What sort of hazard you anticipate encountering at work is the first thing to think about, according to numerous body armor specialists and providers. For instance, because it is not permitted in the jail atmosphere, correctional personnel shouldn’t be concerned about getting shot. However, compared to other police officers, prison guards are attacked with bladed weapons more frequently. As a result, armor for prison officials must be resistant to knife strikes rather than bullets.

So, if you decide to buy a bullet vest, we advise you to carefully study the details because it can save your life. You can always get the best body armor from the Galls brand. This is both the best quality, the best price, and the best choice for you. When choosing, pay attention to four aspects:

  1. The defense class is determined by the kind of weapon it is designed to defeat. This is the most crucial aspect, so you should start there.
  2. The military vest will either be worn over clothing or hidden. If there is little chance of an assault and you want to blend in with the throng and disguise your protection, go with option 1. It is preferable to select an open-type vest if you require trustworthy defense in a hostile environment, there is a threat of assault, and there is no need to conceal the defense.
  3. How much of the body the vest can cover determines how effective the protective area is. According to the area of protection, the three most popular categories of body armor are 18 dm2, 25-20 dm2, and 28-42 dm2. Of course, you should pick to cover as much of your body as possible, but keep in mind that everyone has a varied weight and height, so you should select a bulletproof vest accordingly.
  4. How much time do you intend to wear it? The tougher the vest is to wear, the heavier it is.

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