What Kind of Flowers Should You Get Your Mom on Mother’s Day?

A Question With Some Nuance
Your mom loves flowers. It’s hard to imagine a mom who doesn’t. In fact, if you have a mom that doesn’t love flowers, it’s possible she’s the only one. Well, that’s an exaggeration, but you get the point.

Here’s the thing: not all flowers are equal. Sure, dandelions are a weed; but you can eat them and make wine out of them, they look nice, and they don’t smell bad. Most moms hate dandelions because they’re trying to keep their yards nice, and consider the plant a weed.

Some moms absolutely love dandelions, think of them as a flower, and will even cook with them. Which kind of mom do you have?

Dandelions are only mentioned to make a point. You want to think about more traditional sorts of flowers. Roses, daisies, tulips, poinsettias toward the end of the year, orchids if she’s got more expensive tastes, peonies, and the list goes on. So which ones are you going to get for her? Well, let’s explore a few ways to narrow down your choice.

Price, Proximity, and Availability

Sometimes available flowers are too expensive, sometimes what you want is too far away. Buying on the internet is a good way around that. Still, sometimes for one reason or another, this option isn’t ideal for your situation. Maybe you want to get her flowers, but “the cards” are stacked against you. Well, look at additional Mother’s Day surprise ideas.

For most, you’ll be able to find some sort of flower; even if you have to pick them yourself. Still, if all else fails, just get a really nice bouquet and vase, write a fine card, and surprise her with it Mother’s Day morning.

The Surprise Factor
You might just surprise her flat-out. If she loves begonias, get her a few, and also get her a bouquet of some flower she’s never bought before. Or just try something new generally. Provided the perfume of the flowers is amenable, this is a great way to surprise and delight your mom on Mother’s Day.

The Sentimental Angle
Some flowers your mom loves not because they are particularly aromatic or beautiful to her, but because they represent something about her life that she likes to remember. Maybe a certain type of rhododendron was her own mother’s favorite flower. When you get her a bouquet, it makes her think of the overall trajectory her family has taken over time.

The “All-Out” Angle
If you don’t have the necessary info to get the precise floral arrangement right, but you do have a little cash to work with, then take the “all-out” approach. Surprise her with multiple bouquets of diverse flowers.


Delighting Your Mom This Mother’s Day
The “all-out” angle, the “sentimental” angle, the “surprise factor”, price, availability, and proximity all represent key factors in making the best choice in flowers for your mother this Mother’s Day.

If you haven’t bought her any bouquet like this before, the surprise will be twice as sweet as it would be otherwise. Most years, you probably just send a card or something. Well, this year, why not go all out?

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