What is the difference between FX and FXX?

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During the 2010s, we have seen great advances in technology. Along with it, we have got some amazing shows of all time. Netflix itself has improved a lot in its content and the kind of shows it makes. But it was not just Netflix that has made improvements, television has also made some breakthroughs, and we have now reached the period called peak TV. It means that now there is more tv and content available than one man can watch.

With the success of TV, the two networks have marked their names as the top networks during the 2010s. These include FX and FXX. These networks have made great success in a decade. If you want FX and FXX, we recommend getting Mediacom. The channel lineups are diverse. On top, you can bundle it with Mediacom internet to save on your monthly bill.

FX is the basic cable channel of FX networks that provides general entertainment. Whereas, FXX is the basic cable network of FXX networks that on-air the content that is geared towards adult and young audiences. It features movies, original series, and shows.


The CEO of FX Networks, John Landgraf announced the launch of FXX, and along with it, they discussed the revamp of FXM. There were no hard rules on which program airs where. The distinction will be made by the demographics. The FX will air content for adults from 18-50 while FXX will target the audience from 18-34, and FXM will entertain the viewers of ages 25-54. There can be some overlap but it will be limited to some movies and network series.

Are FXX and FX the same?

FXX was launched on 2nd September 2013, and it replaced the sports-oriented channel known as Fox soccer. The content that is being aired on this channel targets the age range from 18 to 35. A general entertainment channel has a primary focus on comedy.

On the contrary, the FX channel focuses on films and drama series. FX stands for Fox extended, and the Fox entertainment group owns the FX networks.

Both of them are the same thing. So, what is the difference?

Landgraf said that both FXX and FX would air both comedies and dramas. FX will aim for the audience between the age of 18-50, and FXX will aim for the viewers between the ages of 18-35.

The logos of FX and FXX networks have a slight change in them, but despite this fact, both these networks will be considered as distinct personalities.

How to watch FX?

You can watch the FX TV shows on popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Among some popular shows of FX TV include Justified, Legion, American Horror story, and The Americans.

Shows aired by FX and FXX:

Both these channels have different programs and shows. For now, both channels air few shows, and more shows coming as the fall season begins. Right now, FX is airing shows like Murdoch Mysteries, Kenny vs Spenny, The Simpsons, and the Modern family.

On the other hand, FXX is airing content like Hudson and Rex, Family Guy, and Nine-Nine. You can go to the channel listings through your gateway system and look for both of these channels.

FOX Networks vs FX networks:

FX is owned by Fox networks group, and this brand is used by different channels all over the globe. FX is an American TV channel that is a pay-tv channel and is held by FX networks. This channel aims to make mature content along with high-quality acting, scripts, and direction.

Whereas Fox owns Fox news channel, fox business, fox nation, fox news radio, and fox news talk.

Is FX free?

There is an app known as FXNOW and is available to download on mobiles, TV streaming devices, and laptops. For more information, you can also visit FXNetworks.com on your browser for free. Although much of the content is free, some of the content is not accessible, and you have to sign up into your service provider account to access it.

Wrapping Up:

FX focuses on films and drams whereas FXX provides overall entertainment, and its focus is comedy. Both the channels have their popular shows, and you can watch them on all the streaming services like YouTube, Amazon, Hulu, and many more.