What is the Best Strategy for Playing Progressive Slots?

Progressive slots are a more popular version of slot games that can be found in most casinos. That’s because it allows for larger jackpots and therefore a chance to earn more. The gameplay is the same and the only difference is how the pot of potential winnings is created. 

There are things you can do to increase your odds of winning but there’s no way to be sure you’ll win and those who promise you so are usually running some sort of scam. 

What are Progressive Slots?

The first thing you need to know is what a progressive slot machine is so that you can play it with clear intent and a strategy. Progressive slots have a pot of potential winnings that are created by the combined bets of everyone who has played before you.

This means that the more you lose and the more the others lose the more you can win in the long run. That’s why there are stories about players placing one bet and winning millions right away. It’s what keeps the players coming. 

Wagering Requirements

There are wagering requirements attached to spin in this type of slot. This means that there’s an amount that you need to wager within a game at every spin. It’s sometimes set up as a credit denomination for a spin and in other cases, it’s the max bet amount that you need to hit with a single spin. 

It’s also important to note that playing the maximum amount with each bet you’ll lower your chance of winning progressive slots. This is how they work because all the bets that you make go towards the same pot and adding more is always better when it comes to increasing the pot. 

Jackpot Wheel

The jackpot wheel is one of the most well-known ways to win the progressive slots game. It works as any wheel game where you win the amount on which the wheel stops once you’ve spun it. The result is set to come up at random because players can’t influence how the result will turn out.

Wheels usually come as a bonus which is triggered by getting the proper symbols in a line and therefore entering this new stage of the game. This means that for most of the game getting to the wheel is the point of the slot game. 

Collect Symbols

Another way of winning in a slot game is to get a set of symbols in a line. In most cases, these symbols appear to replace the traditional symbols that you would otherwise see in a reel. Collecting the new symbols will in effect win the game and provide you with a payout. 

Different games have different symbols based on their aesthetic and theme and there are numerous ways in which you can connect the symbols. The games are becoming increasingly complex in this regard since there are more of them and more players as well.

What Are Your Chances

The odds of winning a progressive jackpot are rather small. That’s something you need to be aware of in order to play the game with the right mindset. The casinos need to be open and honest about how much the game can pay out and what are the chances that they do.

They will disclose the exact numbers when it comes to volatility and returns to player statistics since those are the most important to players. Research these before going into progressive slots or any other game for that matter.

Minimum Bet Strategy

Not all progressive slots have the max bet requirement. This means that you don’t need to max out your bet. Therefore, you can play with a min bet strategy. There are several slots that have a min bet and you can use that as a basis of your strategy. 

It works similarly to other strategies since you need to keep placing the same bet; it’s just not the maximum but the minimal amount that you can place in every spin. The jackpots and the bonuses are triggered in the same way and you can use the same bonuses. 

Loss Limit 

Progressive slots have a low return to player and rather high volatility. This means that you win rather high amounts but you get to win rarely. That’s what attracts the players to this type of slot since it means that you get to win big with just a small investment if you’re lucky enough. 

Having a loss limit added to it can help you play a game without feeling the financial pressure of it. This means that you decide on the amount you’re willing to lose and stop once you reach that amount. It’s a matter of having the willpower to give once you start losing a lot. 

To Sum Up

Progressive slots allow players to win big since the pool of potential winnings increases with each new player adding their own bets to it. That way you can win a huge sum at the first bet and many did, but it’s rare to do so. 

Keep in mind that you still need to learn about the return to the player and create a strategy that you’ll use to make the most out of the game. It’s also essential to have a stop-loss system that will prevent you from losing too much when you’re in a bad streak.

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