What Is IQOS and What FDA Says About It?

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Tobacco companies downplay the health damages of cigarettes, but when their ads reach people they act as if they are doing the wrong thing. Cigarette smoking is injurious to health, the box clearly states it but still, it looks nice in the stores. There is a blur line between advertising and information. Smoking brands launch smoke-free world campaigns only to give a technical product that reduces the risk of smoking traditional cigarettes.

The tobacco industry launched products many times with a claim to reduce harm including the low tar or doubled filtered versions. Nicotine combustion produces toxic compounds dangerous to inhale. Nicotine is not the main cause of smoking-related illnesses. In smoking, combustion is involved and it generates acetaldehyde and formaldehyde.

The cigarette manufacturers changed cigarette structure in multiple ways like ventilation holes, porous paper, and cellulose acetate filters but the fatalities continued. A few cigarettes efficiently delivered more clean puffs and less nicotine smoke but people smoked more. Therefore the approach was focused on not exceeding a specific temperature.

The heated-tobacco device was an alternative introduced in the US. The product is called IQOS and the FDA has allowed it to be sold as a modified risk to only adults 18 years and more. FDA has made it clear that the marketing of IQOS products is heavily restricted to only adult smokers because many kids had started using e-cigs. You can buy IQOS products on sticks.sale at affordable rates.

What’s IQOS?

It is a tobacco heating system. Heat sticks or tobacco wrapped in special paper are inserted into the device to deliver the nicotine via heating. Real tobacco leaves are used heated and not burnt like smoking and vaping. The device looks like an asthma inhaler with a port at the far end to insert the heat sticks. The device is USB charged and there is no smoke or flame but an insubstantial wisp to blow out.

Rather than burning tobacco, this new USB device heats nicotine at a low temperature. Some nicotine is released for users to breathe in and feel stimulated for some time.

On the other hand, vaping involves heating liquid that comprises synthetic nicotine rather than natural tobacco. Heated tobacco and vaping methods are both regarded as e-cigs but the only difference is the national panic associated with vaping. There have been dozens of vaping-related fatalities popping up with autopsies pointing towards additives causing acute inflammatory lung disorder. Therefore, people started to decline from vaping and even several states banned it. However, the IQOS is launched on time to appeal to the chary, drained customers conveying a safe alternative.

What FDA has to say?

FDA is currently pondering on the claim that IQOS is safe than tobacco cigarettes. In reality, evaluating long-term health impacts and really identifying if that claim is real will take decades!

FDA allows it to be sold to adults because the product produces a low level of specific toxins than the traditional combustible cigarettes. FDA does not endorse IQOS products as ‘FDA Approved’ or ‘Safe’. FDA states that every tobacco product is addictive and potentially harmful to health, so those who are not using it must continue not to.