What is an RFID tag? How does it work?

Radiofrequency identification, commonly known as RFID, is a wireless network system. It consists of RFID tags, readers, and tracking software. RFID readers can receive radio signals through an antenna radiating from RFID tags.

RFID TAG- RFID tags are one kind of tracking device that emits radio waves. With the help of an antenna, the reader can track the tag. If we attach this tag with a moving article, we can trace back its live location using an RFID inventory tracking system. These tags are kinds of labels that can store various kinds of data, like price, description serial no etc.

How Does It Work?

RFID technology is nowadays a very common thing to see. When we go to any supermarket, every product we choose and add to our cart consists of a small tag. Be it any clothing item or electronic product, a tag is always there to prevent it from sealing or streamline the payment procedure.

Those tags are RFID tags. These smart tags emit radio waves, which are traceable. RFID antenna can trace back these tags easily. RFID tags can store various important information that can be visible only when we scan it with a reader.

Types of RFID Tags

There are various kinds of RFID tags available in the market. We can differentiate tags into three basic categories according to the radio frequency used.

  • Low-Frequency Tags

Uses frequency range from 30 to 300 kHz. These tags are used in inventory management by RFID to monitor livestock.

  • High-Frequency Tags

Uses a frequency range from 3 to 30 MHz. used in payment services.

  • Ultra High-Frequency Tags

Uses frequency range from 300 MHz to 3 GHz. These tags are used in doors and parking lots where reaction time is very low, and the work has to be fast.

Apart from those, there are also two other kinds of tags available in the market, called Passive and Active tags.

Passive Tags

It is the most used tag available, mainly because of its low cost. It doesn’t require any direct line to the reader and the range is shorter than the usual. It is used in manufacturing, healthcare, retail businesses, and many other fields.

Active Tags

Active tags are not very common, mainly because of their high price. It has a long working range; it needs its transmitter and high-end antenna. It is used in locations where time-lapse is not acceptable. Audience counting, a real-time tracker, uses these active tags.

So, we have seen how much important these tags are in RFID technology. From merchandise tagging in a simple retail shop to a cashless payment system, almost every sector uses this technology to make their customers’ lives easy.

It allows less communication which in this Covid affected world is a boon. Technology has come this far. Hopefully, we can see some other marvellous inventions in the coming years.

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