What is an IPv4 proxy: how to check and where to buy

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In simple terms, a proxy server is a computer that is used as an intermediary between two other computers. It takes on an intermediary function, receiving requests and transmitting them with its IP address to another network. An IPv4 proxy is required if you are using a large number of private IP addresses at the same time. Private servers that support this protocol are needed because they are compatible with all types of popular Internet resources, in contrast to IPv6. Purchasing anonymous versions of IPv4 proxies at proxy-seller.com is a reasonable choice for analyzing search queries, promoting accounts in social networks, visiting services that are blocked in your domain zone.

In normal mode, any of your attempts to open a particular site is a direct request to the server on which it is located. If you use a proxy server, then an intermediary is built into this scheme, which accepts a request from you to open a site, then the proxy server opens the site, receives all the information from it and sends it to you. In terms of use, you will not notice it working, but if you use a slow proxy server, the speed of opening pages may drop.

How to choose an IPv4 proxy server?

It is important to understand that there is no guarantee that the server will work for its entire life. Difficulties with accessible addresses are especially common because no one monitors the quality and quantity of free IP addresses. If you are looking for long life proxy servers, we recommend that you purchase separate IP addresses with a stable Internet connection and the highest level of privacy. However, even in this case, no one is immune from possible failures in work. Loss of IP reliability reduces the level of confidentiality on the network – as a result, it is impossible to keep the data coming from your computer inaccessible. To prevent this from happening, it is enough to systematically test the IPv4 proxy server.

How to check IPv4?

Almost every anonymous ipv4 proxy server can be tested online using special services. This ensures an accurate test result and allows you to quickly find the information you need, so when choosing the appropriate resource for the test, consider only your personal preferences.

If you work with private servers all the time, we advise you to download similar software to your PC. Such utilities are suitable for checking the IPv4 protocol in Windows, regardless of version. Users have no choice but to find the right solution for their system settings, control requirements, and software functionality.

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If you have a small number of shortcuts, it is recommended to check the IPv4 address on the Internet. Otherwise, you will need to re-enter the address every time and change the settings in the browser, which will take some time. To make this easier for users, websites designed to test proxy servers on the Internet are often run free of charge.

Unfortunately, various negative events often interfere in our life. One such example is the blocking of websites or social networks of other states in some countries. Politicians do not care if you have many friends, business or any other interests in another country, they will simply block your access to e-mail, correspondence or personal pages.

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