What is a tankini?

The tankini swimsuit is a popular bathing suit model that came to us from the past. However, not all women know what a tankini swimsuit is. This is a variant of a beach outfit, it is a separate swimsuit, the top of which is made in the form of a top or T-shirt. The bottom part of tankini swimsuits is the same as in the usual bikini swimsuit. So, it can be swimming trunks, shorts, thongs or panties-skirt. You can buy trendy and popular tankini bathing suits from Lascana.

Elegant look of the popular tankinis for women

This garment appears to be more like a one-piece version from the outside, yet it gives its wearers far more mobility. Sports enthusiasts frequently select this model because of how convenient it is for outdoor activities. Because it clings securely to the form, you may dive and swim in this bathing suit without worrying about losing the bodice. Women’s tankinis are at the height of their appeal right now, yet for the majority of fashionistas, they still represent a novelty. You’ll undoubtedly become the focus of attention as a result. For girls and ladies who desire to stand out from the crowd, this is a fantastic treasure. At the same time, such an outfit attracts precisely with the eccentricity of the model, and not with excessive openness, like a bikini.

Who should wear a tankini swimsuit?

First of all, this is an ideal option for girls with curvy shapes. This beach outfit allows full ladies to look chic, because it hides all the problem areas – nothing extra will be seen by prying eyes. Thanks to the features of this model, almost every woman can wear a tankini swimsuit. Also, this beach outfit will be a great option for ladies in position. Maternity tankini swimsuits feature a loose top that flares out at the bottom. In it, future mothers will not have to worry about the dangers of sunbathing.

Advantages of tankinis for women

This particular style of bathing suit is only appropriate for people who enjoy being outside, particularly by the sea and on the beach. When compared to the few hues of sports swimsuits, these suits fare well. Tankinis come in a broad range of hues, but while you’re at the beach, you should always be bright.

  • It creates a light silhouette and visually makes the figure slimmer.
  • It loosely fits the figure, which cannot be said about one-piece swimsuits, which sometimes emphasize a protruding tummy.
  • In a tankini swimsuit, the silhouette will look much more profitable than in a one-piece closed swimsuit
  • A top made of foam cups will add volume even to small breasts, which will make the figure more feminine.

Varieties of womens tankini for different body types

Among the huge variety of options for tankini swimsuits, the following varieties can be distinguished depending on the design of the top:

  • top with underwire, which is suitable for large breasts;
  • top with a sewn-in push-up – to shape a small chest;
  • top with cups.

Sports tankini swimsuits are made of materials that fit snugly to the body with a minimum of decor. A plus size tankini swimsuit is usually a flared tank top, paired with bottoms or shorts. This option provides maximum comfort for obese women.

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