What are the benefits of hiring resorts in Alibaug?

Alibaug a small town facing the coast of Mumbai situated in Maharashtra has lesser reach but a better place where you can turn your head from daily bugle and reach to nature very quickly.

Alibaug has very less populated Twenty-five thousand people is the maximum number you can heard of. The area which is less crowded is obviously has less pollution less grudges near to Mother Nature.

This article is for those we are going to discover how we can turn your heads from claustrophobic cubical life towards the Alibaug Alishan route. Let’s check out how you can visit alibaug resorts and enjoy some precious moments of peace and happiness with your loved ones.

How you can visit alibaug resorts?

Alibaug has no direct connection of railway or through train the last stop till which you can get train is panvel. And panvel can easily be reached by local train. From panvel or pen there is a roadway

So, think of a place which is not connected to railway a busy traffic is it a under development area; no sir. It is as developed as a coastal area in Mumbai has the same calm chilling weather, orientation is beautiful all around also best thing is less people great ambiance.

After panvel or pen you can choose any Vehicle to reach final destination according to your convenience. There are ample of reasons to visit the resorts in Alibaug. They are as follows:

Places to visit in alibaug and things to do at Alibaug

What do you want and what’s not there; mostly everything. Alibaug has more than thirty tourist places in that small town, told you can turn your head there and find a place.

1. Alibaug beach & Kolaba fort

Starting with Alibaug beach which is a black sand beach from which you can glance at the sea also seek for kolaba fort which is very popular as Shivaji maharaj had a capture over that place which makes this place historic as well. Right now, the colaba fort which is three hundred years old surrounded by armed military forces which also talks about the safety of that city.

Kolaba beach also has a scenic beauty as there is a glance of Arabian sea. Also, the kolaba fort is just at footstep distance not more than two kilometers from beach in the time of low tide. The temple was built in 1759 has a great engineering aspect beside that there are two temples one is Mahishasura and padmabati which consists of ancient Indian gods and goddess. Beside the temple there is haji kalimudding shah darga.

2. Beach adventure water sport

Alibaug offers tourist to have a surge of thrill in case of water sport. Talking of which Mandwa beach is the main attraction for this water adventures which consists of Para sailing, Sea kayaking and banana boat rides seems fun right.

3. Other Places

Alibaug also consists of Marud banjara fort which has a color of turquoise colored water of that Arabian sea. Apart from this it ha varsoli beach, kihim beach which is Twelve kilometers away from Alibaug you can spend romantic weekends there. Also, there is nagaon beach which is 9 kilometers from Centre of city.

4. Akshi beach

This beach is similar to a Hawaii beach it’s a littler farthest from other location and also a little distant from Main town but what makes this stand out is it is the clean and sea and sea shore all over India.

Most people visit here to take a sun tan, swimming and also that pre discussed banana boat ride.

5. Kankeswar forest

Missing something oh here comes a Majestic forest just two kilometers away from main beach or city lines. Amazing isn’t it as it contains venomous snakes, leopard and some panthers.

6. Finally, Andheri fort

Most of people have heard this name Andheri beach which is the core of Mumbai. This is an island what else do you need seashore, historic places, sprots, water adventure, forest, Island and some relaxation.

The most important thought: where to stay?

When it comes to living we always prefer our cozy home but when it comes to visiting a place you need service and comfort. When we talk about a service, we mean real service where you don’t need to wave your hand and snap works done; no just kidding you are not a magician but we can guide you some idea and navigate some places where you can easily find these in Alibaug.

After how you can visit alibaug resorts, there are people who says where should we stay? Goibibo brings in more opportunities for them also through attractive deals and discounts.

Resorts at your convenience

If you want to visit and book you can but in the fast pace world, we prefer pre books so you can visit and based on experience the terms and policy are great.

There are more than 600+ Resorts you can find where the budget is from two thousand till thirty thousand. There are some resorts you can find are luxurious but way too cheaper when it comes to price. Some of them are at the very center of tow so you can visit places conveniently.

Why Alibaug resorts are great comfort?

1. Abundant amenities

The main purpose of relaxation is you can get whatever you want handy also in a luxurious manner you can have continental foods, can have different types of spas, play a lot on various activity games, swimming pool, music and a lot more.

2. Break free

Finding to heal the worn-out body and mind you need to connect with colors, ambience, music, people, and joyous activity.

You can find all above at a great deal in resorts to rejuvenate your energy.

Why Resorts in Alibaug and some good deals?

As already been told the town has less crowds and less facilities of travelling vehicle resort can be a great deal as travelling you can get from the resort as well there will be guides who can navigate you easily throughout the town.

Some best Resorts

  • Sai shlok villa
  • Shalom inn
  • ILIF 2705 Beach small wonder villa
  • Radisson Blu resort & spa Alibaug
  • Maple IVY

So it is a great deal to stay in resorts place like alibaug which takes a week to roam around with service and comfort with great scenarios and places that you should visit in a life time.

Important Note:

When we talk about all at once the service the comfort, we talk resort as it cannot mean a hotel with luxurious amenities but an island can be a resort as well, imagine you are roaming around an island and peeping through jungle and chilling infront of a sea shore and you pay only once. That means you can get service anywhere within the territory be anywhere you want would not you want that.

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