What are the benefits of Explainer videos?

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Have you seen a video on the main page of the website? Yeah, you must have watched it. You may have noticed that it gives an overview of the things that you’ll find on the website. In general terms, these videos are called explainer videos. Cold audiences who randomly land on your website get an idea about your website beforehand without wasting their time.

There are multiple benefits of using those explainer videos that use at various places. i.e. Advertisement purposes, websites, blogs.

If you’re running your business virtually, you must take care of your audience’s time by facilitating them in different ways. One of them is to brief them in a shorter video so that they get a clear idea about what they are going to find on your website.

Without further ado, let’s discuss various factors that emphasize the importance of explainer videos.

  • Attention grabber

In this age of scroll, getting attention is one of the first tools to retain traffic on your web page. For example, if you have succeeded to land cold traffic/ affiliate traffic on your website, the next thing to do is to retain them. This is where explainer videos come into play.

You instantly grab the audience by the throat and facilitate them in such a manner that you care for their time. If you give them respect, you’ll get respect in return. In human psychology, it’s known as evoking their emotions and driving them further to the particular action.

Explainer videos work like charm. People do not have time to spend somewhere. They are keyboard warriors. You cannot bound them any place. Social media worked wonders in this era of digitalization. That’s why you need to have an attention grabber at the first moment and Explainer videos are second to none.

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  • Information source

On your website, there is a mixed type of audience. There can be an unaware and aware audience at the same time.  When you go for an only aware audience, you ignore the other section and lose them ultimately. So, the nice approach is to educate them first that will cover each type of audience including the retargeting audience.

Once they have known enough about your product, move them further. As per statistics, 98% audience check your product right after watching the explainer video. You can imagine how important a role it plays to deliver information to your audience.

Explainer videos are like instructing your audience on the right path so that they reach the right place at the right time.

  • Boost in traffic

When you facilitate the audience through explainer videos, it’s like boosting your web traffic. It’s a complete process that you can understand if you spare some time. For instance, if you search for something on Google, it shows different videos as a result if there are any. This is the right time to take benefit from and get the traffic stream.

If you’ll add video as an explainer video, there are high chances this will pop up on the first page of Google whenever someone searches about the product you’re selling on your website. This is how you get more traffic just by adding video. In recent studies, it’s been revealed that people tend to watch videos instead of reading the text you just write on the homepage.

  • Shareable content

Apart from uploading on the main page of websites, you can upload these explainer videos on Instagram, FB, and other social media platforms. Keeping in view the people’s tendency to watch videos, you can present your offer in a modern way that is quite trendy and work like magic.

Also, you can make a YouTube channel and keep uploading advertisement videos whenever you launch your product. There are a thousand ways you can promote your services and get traffic in millions. At the end of the day, your ultimatum is to generate sales ethically.

  • Reflection of your brand

When keeping uploading videos, they all represent your brand in a quite natural way. These all become part of your recognition which is a great way to boost your reputation and beat your competitors. The more popular you are, the higher sales you generate.

People buy on emotions and justify with logic. Once you built rapport with them, nothing can stop you to sell your service. And to build the connection you have to show yourself as an authority and credible source. No one wants to be scammed.

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