What are some fun things to do on a second date?

First dates are usually difficult especially when you want to impress your date with something other than movies or dinner. You have successfully gone through the difficult part and your first date was amazing, she enjoyed your company and she’d love to hang out with you again. If you don’t want her to believe that the first date you both had was just beginner’s luck then you’d have to give her something that’s just as fun as the first date or even better.  Did you go out of your way to make your first date memorable? Are you out of options? Not to worry, in today’s guide, I’ll be telling you about some fun things to do on a second date.

Prepare a meal together 

Cooking together with your date is a great option if you want your second date to be done indoors. It’s a delicious and fun way to get closer to your date.

Visit the zoo

Visiting the zoo is a fun and exciting experience that you should share with your date. It helps you connect with your animal side and you get to talk about your favourite animals and you can also get to play with some herbivorous animals while you are it.

Embark on a mini road trip

Road trips are fun. You’ll get to visit places you haven’t been to before and it also gives you ample time to bond while you are on road. You can visit restaurants, museums, and even play mini golf in another town or city.

Embark on a boat or ferry ride

I can’t seem to place my finger on it, but there is something romantic about being on a boat ride with someone you love. These boat trips are even better for second dates because you’ll have a lot of things to talk about since you now know each other. Another interesting thing about boat rides is that you can’t get distracted easily giving you ample time to focus and connect with each other.

Go scavenger hunting

Scavenger hunting is a fun activity that brings out one’s personality through collaboration, energy, and patience. You can choose to prepare the list yourself or you can have an expert prepare it for you. It’s also a good way to test how adventurous your date is.

Go skiing 

If you live near a ski mountain, then skiing is a great idea for a second date. Before you choose to go skiing with her, confirm if she likes skiing or snowboarding and if it’s something she hasn’t done before, you can go ahead to ask if she’d love to learn. This way you can bond with her while you are both having fun.

Have a double date

This is a great idea and works better in situations where the match up was made by friends. That way having a double date with your friends won’t seem awkward and you all get to do fun things together. On a double date, playing games that require you to partner with your date will also help you get closer to her while you are having fun.

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