Wave Optics For Class 12

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To know in detail, the concepts of light, the chapter on optics and light are introduced for class 12 students. To know about magnet and electricity, a chapter about electromagnetism is added in the NCERT syllabus. Optics is a branch of physics that analyzes the behaviour and properties of light like interactions of light with matter. Ray optics and optical instruments class 12 ncert chapter deals with the construction of instruments that use or detect it. It also investigates the behaviour of infrared light, visible, and ultraviolet radiations.

Know More On Wave Optics

Light is the fundamental element of the Earth. Light is the form of energy and has a broad range of the spectrum. It has wavelengths ranging from 400–700 nm. Sun is the main source of light to the Earth, and it is harnessed as solar energy. Light is the key source for the photosynthesis in plants and is responsible for the generation of oxygen. To let the students understand the properties of light or radiations, topics like frequency, wavelength spectrum, propagation direction, intensity, and methods of polarization are included to students from primary level itself.

To learn about the Huygens principle, refraction, reflection and many more ideas, wave optics class 12 chapter is provided for the students as a part of the curriculum. Optics is divided into physical and geometrical optics. In order to explain various concepts of optics, in brief, ray optics and optical instruments class 12 ncert chapter is presented for students. It is one of the important chapters that help students gain good marks in the board as well as competitive examinations. 

Let us see what wave optics class 12 chapter and ray optics and optical instruments class 12 ncert chapter covers as per NCERT syllabus.

Topics and Concepts Covered

Let us know about these chapters and the topics which they cover. Ray optics and optical instruments class 12 ncert is the 9th chapter as per the syllabus. This chapter explains what is a ray? and what is meant by the beam. Refraction at a rarer medium, Refraction of a plane wave, Reflection of a plane wave by a plane surface and the Doppler effect is also explained in this chapter. The formation of a rainbow and the key concept like total internal reflection is also part of this chapter. To make learning more interesting and effortless illustrative diagrams and experiments are provided. Reason for far-sightedness and short-sightedness is also explained for the students.

Wave optics class 12 is the 10th chapter as per the syllabus. This chapter explains the refraction and reflection using Huygens principle, coherent and incoherent addition of waves, interference of waves and Young’s experiment, the idea of diffraction, resolving power of the optical instrument, and the concept of polarization in detail. Solving exercise problems gives the students the confidence to face the examination and also helps to apply the learnt concepts. Choose proper and trusted online material which is prepared as per NCERT syllabus. This helps to learn as per the prescribed syllabus. It is advised that students put full effort to learn the experiments, concepts and practice problems to score high.

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