Watch 101: 5 Types of Watches You Need to Know

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We all use watches to manage and monitor time, but aside from being a tool that tells time. Timepieces to many people have different purposes and meanings. To many people, it is a symbol of their status in life; to others, it represents their style and persona. This may be a cliche, but this is true. An expensive watch will tell people that you are classy and precious.

Most of the time, we wear beautiful and expensive watches to impress other people, gain confidence and respect. Although there are many watches in the market, not all of them will suit you and your personality. Many luxury watch brands offer a wide range of watch varieties that differ in size, color, materials used, and functionalities to choose from.

What Kind of Watch Goes with Everything?

Although it is nice to buy a different luxury watch for various occasions, for some people who do not have that luxury, buying a timepiece that will suit every style and every event is a good option. Many watch brands in the market make unique and functional watches that will suit every style. One example is Datejust 41, a Rolex watch for men.

Although there are many different types of watches that are available on the market, not all of them are versatile to match your outfit and the occasion that you will use it for. Having a versatile watch will not only enhance your style but will also give you a boost in confidence and will make sure that everyone will notice you. Here are some of the most versatile types of watches.

Analog Watches

Many people say that “nothing beats the originals.” Analog watches prove that that phrase is accurate. Analog watches being the most traditional type of timepiece is undeniably one of the most versatile kinds of timepieces. This type of watch will surely suit every outfit you will wear with its classic style and design.

The design of these watches comprises different hands with different lengths, the longest one that tells the hour, the minute hand is the second-longest, and sometimes a second hour with the shortest hand. It is the first type of watch that everyone had; it is what many professionals wear in their job, and it is probably the watch that taught us how to read the time.

Quartz Watches

There is no way you can talk about luxury watches without mentioning quartz watches. Quartz watches, or also known as silicon dioxide or sand, refers to a kind of Earth mineral. Many luxury watch brands make their watches out of this material because of their durability compared to other types of watches.

Not only that, many of this type of watch is known for being accurate in telling time. That is why many people choose this over the other kinds of a timepiece; because of these two unique and impressive features in accuracy and durability.

Dive Watches

In picking a watch type that will suit every style, one thing you should consider is its functionality and uniqueness. After all, we wear them to stand out. For functionality and originality, the best type of watch is a dive watch. This type of timepiece withstands water, hence its name.

Pilot Watches

Unlike dive watches, pilot watches are not designed to withstand air, but instead, it was made for pilots because of the functions that are helpful to them such as compasses, altimeters, and tachymeters. Although these watches are specially made for pilots, it is also a good watch for anyone.

Field Watches

And last but not least, Field watches. With its ability to withstand anything such as dirt, water, sand, and even mud, and still manage to deliver accurate time. This type of watch is definitely made to be used for any kind of event and occasion. This was made for military purposes hence its sturdy design.


Watch is a massive part of our lives; we wear it at the gym, at school, in our jobs, and even at the grocery store. Although we have smartphones to tell the time, we still choose to wear them. We wear it not only because of its functionality but also because it is a representation of who we are; it gives the people a hint of our persona, and it is a symbol of success. 

Success can mean differently to different individuals; to some, it is buying their dream car, others see it as having a beautiful house. For some, it is the experience and the ability to travel the world, but for many, having a luxury watch is a representation of their success. Why not? It is covered in precious metals; it is expensive and is a reminder of their perseverance and hard work.

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