Virtual number – modern solution for signing up at your favorite services

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Without a mobile phone number today you can neither create mail nor create a personal account in any service. It identifies the user, serves as a login to sign in. But not all services are secure. And many are annoying with constant ads. So to protect personal data and not depend on SPAM, you can use a virtual number for SMS


Let’s see what are the main advantages of using a virtual number to receive sms:

  • The same level of functionality as a “real” mobile number (for the service security system it doesn’t really matter whether you use a physical device (like smartphone or tablet) or receive your code via virtual number. In this case both are good options, but the price of a virtual number is less than a real SIM-card.
  • Can be used to create an account in all the services where you need to enter a phone number.
  • Allows you to receive marketing SMS for verification.
  • Operates all over the world, so you can sign up at your favorite service even if it’s unavailable in your country.

A phone number for sms verification is not a scam. This is an alternative to a real contact, but without specifying the personal data of the owner of the phone. Information can be used in all virtual services, from online banks to online stores. The number is activated immediately after the purchase and is available only to the person who purchased it.

How to buy and use a virtual number?

To start receiving your codes, you must first buy a virtual number for sms. Make it easy. On the seller’s website, you need to register by entering your email and password, then select the desired type of number. It is tied to the use of a specific service. Linking the number to the service means that when using it for these purposes, registration, login and receiving SMS will be successful. Pay the bill to buy virtual mobile number for sms verification.

When the number is purchased, it only remains to:

  • enter it on the site.
  • wait until SMS is delivered.
  • enter the received code.
  • use the selected resource without restrictions.

SMS comes to the personal account of the owner. You can enter it from any device: PC, laptop, tablet and even smartphone. All messages are displayed in the corresponding section. The menu of such fake number generator with sms comes as an alternative to the menu with SMS on the phone, with pretty much similar interface. So it would never be a problem to get how the things work out there.