UPDF – The Best PDF Software to End the Doubts

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How exactly do you want your PDF experience to be? Do you fantasize about that one-stop solution that brings the most comfort as you do the countless PDF documents you should work on? Want to have every bit of control over the details and contents of the file you want to edit? Achieve every opportunity to make every feature you use worthwhile on a single application for free? Well, Superace Software Technology knows every ounce of desire you are having for that great PDF software to have.

Every question that is asked above, the UPDF by Superace Software satisfies and brings a worthy answer to it. It is a cross-platform software that you can effortlessly manage as you aim to be productive in working with your PDF files. Each and every feature you shall know with the UPDF shall be at your hands with a guaranteed, cost-less experience.

Reading modes that suits your needs

To attain that maximized convenience in terms of reading the contents of your PDF files, you have to set yourself with the most comfortable mode for reading. The UPDF offers 4 different reading modes to ensure that. Among the following modes you can choose from is the single page, single page scrolling, two page view, and two page scrolling.

Perfected Annotation Tool

One of the fundamentals in working with PDF files is to annotate it, especially the important texts you will find in it. Annotation is also made possible and more seamless with the UPDF software. Highlighting, underlining, and striking out the contents in the PDF are one of the few things you can easily do to heighten your productivity in the neatest way possible. The software is known to have a good annotation feature as well as letting you create shapes and text boxes for easier inputs. Don’t forget the sticky notes which are handled to you that will also be handy for later.

Mastery in Editing

Aside from annotation, editing is also expected to be the simplest thing you can do with the UPDF software. You are not only bound to edit texts in the traditional ways, but also achieve it with only a few simple steps. This also includes the capacity to edit text and image in PDF as you can modify the formats of every content such as the font style, size, and color. The best part is you can also have control over the images or photos on the PDF files as you can also rotate, insert, change, and remove them.

Acknowledged better page settings

UPDF aims to be an elegant PDF software you can utilize. This does not only mean its interface, but also to provide you with an elegant experience as you navigate through the pages of your PDF documents. While you are able to process multiple PDF files at once, organizing them is crucial. Organize PDF pages with no hassle using the UPDF smart setups that include rotation, insertion, or deletion of PDF pages at once. You can also have access to modify the orientation of how the PDF pages are to be viewed.


  • A real cost-less app- Free PDF editor
    Built with the easiest and most user-friendly interface making it very easy to use.
  • Advanced security integration for your files.
  • Customer-oriented- 24/7 service.


  • Absence of OCR feature

With PDF editing softwares developed more in numbers, UPDF proves to remaina worthy selection and a better choice to have. Since pdf files have just begun to become prominent,  softwares such as PDF Expert, PDFelement, Nitro, Foxit, and Adobe Acrobat have already been created to deal with the growing issues faced by these software. Among the problems by most users, they complain of an inexpensive subscription with a less-satisfactory performance of a PDF software. While some have reasonable costs for a full-version, they still could not perform its expected result such as inaccurate edits, a user-interface that is not friendly for beginners, and a complicated instructions for managing your files. The UPDF is created ultimately for the reason to address these flaws of the existing software and is made sure to never disappoint you. You are now only one step away from choosing the better Adobe acrobat alternative that gives you more than enough reason to invest in software that does not let you pay a single amount-totally free. You will realize that the UPDF is a responsive PDF editor Mac and is soon to be available on Windows and Android this month of May. Just a quick sign-in to a newly created UPDF account to commence the prime example of a seamless work in action.

Paying attention to how you want your PDF experience to be is being critical to choosing the right PDF software for you. Indeed, it all starts with the difficult yet important choice of an ideal software and that is no doubt to be the UPDF. With embellished cutting-edge technology, every tool you can have is guaranteed to provide you with a boost in efficiency. The better part to acknowledge is that you get to have these features for you. Along with the anticipated wonders of the UPDF are the OCR feature and file conversion. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is integrated in the UPDF whereas it is now capable of extracting text and converting scanned documents and photos into editable, searchable PDF files with ease. You will soon be able to convert files to various known formats such as.docx,.xls,.ppt, and more, giving you complete control over your pdf files. You will also be able to add digital signatures to PDF files, which will increase the speed of operations that require signatures. Never underestimate the power of this one tool, which allows you to push the envelope with pdf files by allowing you to do advanced editing, customization, and security features. The UPDF is here to clear the table and seal the deal already.