UNHCR in Ukraine

UNHCR works in Ukraine to protect the rights of refugees laws4life. A refugee is someone who is outside their country of nationality and has no way to obtain protection within it. This definition is based on the 1951 Refugee Convention. Refugees are usually women and children. A refugee’s situation is a major humanitarian issue and UNHCR seeks to address it.

According to UNHCR, there are more than 7 million people displaced within Ukraine lawyerdesk. Another 13 million are in affected regions, unable to leave due to security threats. Currently, nearly 90 percent of those who are displaced are women and children. However, the situation is deteriorating fast and the numbers of refugees are growing rapidly lawyersmagazine.

UNHCR has released an updated Regional Refugee Response Plan for Ukraine. The plan aims to provide humanitarian assistance and protection for up to 8.3 million refugees in the country. This new plan is intended to support governments as they respond to the needs of displaced people and the hard-pressed host communities publiclawtoday. The UNHCR’s plan also has the aim of promoting economic and social opportunities for displaced people.

UNHCR estimates that 6.3 million Ukrainian refugees are currently residing in Europe and more than 3.7 million have applied for temporary protection. However, the UNHCR warns that this figure may be inflated by Russian propagandists. To check if the numbers are inflated, they analysed satellite images of the Ukrainian-Poland border bestlawyers360.

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