Types of International Schools in China

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International schools are mainly found in major cities and capitals, providing an education based on a global system of learning or curriculum for an international community. In searching for the right type of international school in China, it’s vital to look at the local international schools before beginning your quest to look for available national schools in your new city. You have to consider the benefits and drawbacks of both institutions to find the most suitable one for your child.

Types of international schools in China

  • International public schools

International department or division in public schools is typically cooperative educational projects initiated through Chinese foreign collaboration. Both foreign and Chinese students can attend; however, due to space limitations, Chinese students are admitted based on qualifications and merits. This option is primarily for high school students since they will later apply for further education and studies abroad.

  • Foreign international schools

The international schools for foreign nationals in China were initiated in the 90s due to the large number of foreign enterprises established in China. They were primarily built to offer education to children of expatriates and ambassadors from Taiwan, Macau, Hong Kong and foreign countries. They legally recruit and admit students that hold and possess foreign credentials, including passports or, in some cases, permanent residency cards in foreign countries.

  • Private international schools

Non-governmental individuals or organizations jointly or independently role was to initiate private funded international schools. They are referred to as K-12 schools that particularly admit Chinese students planning to join high school, college or training institutions abroad. These schools need to acquire relevant documentation before opening up for enrollment to international students. Private international schools embrace the same western teaching methods, particularly the syllabus.

Reasons to Choose an International School in China

  • Enhances global outlook

International schools are vital since they help students to understand the world better and develop a global mindset. International schools offer students knowledge and skills that encourage them to be active and responsible citizens in the global community. They are culturally diverse spaces that allow students to connect with other students and teachers teaching in China.

  • Best curricula and learning system

Considering this factor in your choice of an international school is vital. An internationally recognised curriculum or learning system will equip your child with international qualifications and education. This curriculum will also enable you to move your child easily from one school to another, city or country without any challenges. For instance, the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme is taught in most international schools in about 150 countries. The IB curriculum is efficient and emphasises independent and critical thinking, leading to capable, independent, and internationally minded students.

  • Breaks language barrier

Expats teaching English in China will be relieved since most of the international schools’ primary language is English. A foreign teacher teaching in China or a student from an English-speaking country will have fewer obstacles while communicating and learning in the international schools. Moving your child to another country for studies can be challenging; however, finding a language they can understand and communicate easily makes the transition smooth. Students studying in the various international schools in China learn the host country’s national language and diverse cultures from their fellow students.

  • Supports vibrant student communities

Foreign teachers teaching in China will join the community of an international school. They will find themselves surrounded by other people who share similar experiences, have faced similar challenges and understand the lifestyle. Students and their parents will have the chance to spend time with other expat families and school staff, who spend more time with the students and are keen to ensure that new students are comfortable and settle in without any issues. International schools strive to ensure that students are nurtured to provide solutions to problems facing the modern world and become responsible global citizens.