Types of Food Warmers

Food warmers are containers used to store food warm or hot. Food warmers are found in varieties in the market. They are mainly used to serve guests at weddings, banquets, and buffets.

This article focuses on the types of food warmers in the market today.

Electrical Chafers

Electrical chafers use electricity supply instead of flame. When connected, the water in the pan is heated to keep the food warm. They are easy to use because you only need to control the degree in the thermostats when heating the foods. They can easily regulate the temperature compared to chafers with gas or candle burners. They are suitable to be used outdoors.

Candle Heated Chafers

The candle-heated chafers are primarily suitable for home to create a romantic atmosphere. They are cost-effective as compared to electric chafers because it saves on electricity. These types of warmers for foods have beautiful, stylish and elegant designs. The stand of these chaffers has candles attached to them to keep the food warm.

Chafers without Heating

These warmers for food work without heating because they use the thermoses principle. It helps to keep the food warm for a more extended period. They have very tight lids and air-spaced double walls to warm the food. However, they can only on a small amount of food. They are suitable for outdoor events.


There is a table bain-marie which is built on the table or counters. They have a stand, a pan inserted on the stand, and a lid. They are also called double boilers. They make the food warm for a long time. They are very convenient for outdoor activities as they do not depend on electricity.

Chafers on an Alcohol Burner

Chafers with alcohol burners of the container fitted on a stand with burners. The size of the chafer and the number of containers will determine the number of burners.

The burner life varies from two hours to six hours. These chafers are convenient and easy to use because no amount of voltage is required. However, one will need a constant replacement of the alcohol burners.

Glass Chafers

There are food warmers which are made of glass. They tend to appear modern, stylish, and attractive. They may not be regulating temperature as much as other chafers.

Ceramic Chafers

The ceramic chafers are made from pottery techniques. They are exquisite and attractive when put on the table. These chafers made of ceramics have a uniform distribution of heat.

Metallic Chafers

The metallic chafers are made of quality metals. They mostly come in large sizes as they are commonly used in catering services.


When purchasing a food warmer, put in mind where you are going to use them. Electric chafers are suitable for restaurants that produce many foods due to their large number of customers. Table chafers are mainly used to cater to the small number of nutrition for a small gathering buffet-style. It is essential to choose quality products for durability.

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