Types of custom Acrylic Charms You Can Make At Home

For Christmas or any other occasion, a DIY customized acrylic keychain is a great present. This holiday season, we’re creating them for our friends and instructors! You may personalize these with an initial or any distinctive design with Copper, and they are quite easy to construct. This DIY is also a fantastic way to use up any excess vinyl scraps you may have from bigger Cricut projects. Popular keychains, decorative items, and adorable ways to accessorize a look include acrylic keychains.

What should you be aware of about acrylic keychains?

Poly methyl methacrylate, often known as acrylic, plexiglass, and PMMA, is a chemical that is generated from acrylic plastic. It fits well enough for acrylic charms since it is very transparent, weather-resistant, customizable, and has a variety of uses.

Acrylic keychains may be customized, produced quickly, inexpensively, of excellent quality, and, most importantly, produced responsibly. Transparent, sparkling, vibrant, epoxy-coated, holographic, rainbow-like, interchangeable, revolving, and silver- or gold-plated acrylic keychains are all possible.

Through a skilled UV printing technique, the unique ink is directly incorporated into the very transparent PET film and then adhered to the acrylic sheet. Transparent edges or areas are those that are not printed. It is referred to as clear or translucent acrylic as a result. The paint doesn’t peel off despite the surface’s fragility and the color’s excellent definition and brightness. The material has excellent texture and great brightness.

Clear Acrylic Chains

Keychains made of clear acrylic may have printing on either one or both sides. Once the design is confirmed, the creation period is about 5-7 days with low minimum orders. Epoxy coating, glitter, or holographic effects are all options. Choose from 34 different keychain accessories, so use your imagination and we can manufacture it.

Quality printing is used to create clear acrylic keychains, leaving any sections that were not printed transparent. The elevated print is vivid, and the sturdy material feels wonderful and is not too thick.

Epoxy Keychains

Epoxy keychains feature a sturdy texture and high water resistance. The surface will be shielded from scratches by the epoxy coating. Keychains made of epoxy are printed on both sides. Epoxy front side or glittery epoxy coating options are available. Once the design is confirmed, the creation period is about 5-7 days with low minimum orders.

Holographic Keychains

Acrylic, metal, and holographic film are the main components of custom holographic keychains. The personalized holographic keychains are very attractive, shiny, strong, and waterproof.

Rainbow Acrylic Charms

When seen from various angles, Rainbow Acrylic Keychains stand out due to their stunning rainbow hues. A 2.5 mm thick acrylic material was used to make it.

Glitter Acrylic Keychains

Custom glitter stickers may be created in any form and design, and they are very adhesive and do not fade. Personalized glitter stickers are great for selling, trading, and decorating.

Shaker Keychain

The term “Shaker Keychain” refers to the entertaining moving parts (fillers) inside that you can shake. Choose from a variety of sequins and tiny acrylic fillers to express your creativity.

Candy Keychains

PET liners, sequins, tiny acrylic embellishments, and accessories are used to make custom candy keychains. Plate printing, cutting, shaping, filler addition, inflation, sealing, and accessory installation are the steps used to create candy keychains. Pick from a variety of imaginative alternatives to make them incredibly tasty.

Acrylic Keychains in Color

Rather than being clear, multicolored acrylic keychains are named for their colored frames, which are generally yellow, blue, red, and purple. You may also ask our staff whether we have your favorite color!

Metal keychain with acrylic guides

Metal keychains that turn 360 degrees are a lot of fun to use and may be personalized by attaching sequins, shakers, and various designs to each side. consisting of two 0.5 mm thick acrylic sheets and a frame made of zinc alloy (5 mm thick), Epoxy coating, and double-sided printing with the same or distinct designs.

Custom Acrylic Keychains

Durable acrylic is used to make the outside and inner layers of a customizable acrylic keychain, the inside of which may be changed or customized. These personalized circular acrylic keychains are stylish accessories used at work, at home, or while traveling. They are a fun way to promote your company, sports team, or educational event. This key tag has a splitting key ring and a sizable imprint space for your business logo, ensuring that your receivers will be recognized and be fond of your logo. These are fantastic for promoting businesses like banks, insurers, and car dealers, among others.

Since acrylic key tags are light, functional, and provide attractive color printing possibilities, everyone would cherish them. The greatest element is that they are affordable, producing an immaculate gift for huge promotional events like exhibitions and corporate shows. As people convey the message every time they utilize these in regular products, keychains fit as both transportable business cards and promotional mediums for companies. Personalized keychains remain popular in the modern era.

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