Types of Cotton Candy Machines Available in the Market

A cotton candy machine produces a sugar confection resembling cotton, which is sold and consumed as candy.

This article focuses on the cotton candy machine. A buyer should aim for a high-quality cotton candy machine that suits the quality and quantity of candy required for sale. This article provides valuable information when one needs to purchase one.

Traditional cotton candy and organic cotton candy are broadly the two types of cotton candy sold in the Kenyan market. Traditional cotton candy is produced using standard refined sugar, chemical dyes, and artificial sugar. The candy created traditionally exhibits extremely vibrant colors due to the use of paint when manufacturing.

On the other hand, organic cotton candy is made from organic sugar and contains flavors and colors that are organic or natural without adding artificial flavor or dye. Below are the three main types of cotton candy machines available in the Kenyan market

High-end commercial cotton candy machine

Compared to others, this machine is expensive and ideal for high-volume manufacturing or significant events. It weighs around 20Kgs and requires full disassembling of the machine head during maintenance cleaning. At the highest heat setting, the machine burns off most sugar due to the heating effect.

The machine has an output of 6-8 cones per minute in a 30-second warm-up. It has an efficient temperature control mechanism that results in better color and flavor of the cotton candy. However, the high noise output of this machine renders it unsuitable for indoor events and small-scale catering.

The tastes are, therefore, not quickly and frequently changeable, as is the case with both the residential size and the mid-grade cotton candy machines.Model and capacity greatly influence the cotton candy machine price in Kenya.

Mid-Grade cotton candy machine

Its relatively small weight of about 10kgs makes it simple to move about during an event. It is somewhat fair in pricing. The machine contains a stainless sugar scooper that is ideal for measuring the amounts of floss sugar accurately.

Additionally, the drawer on the machine makes it convenient for storing the sugar scooper, cones, sugars, and any other necessary cotton candy accessories. The device uses about 30 seconds to produce one cone, and the sugar is added to it as the machine spins. It is ideal for a cotton candy business as it can have various flavors of cotton candy within minutes.

Residential size cotton candy machine

It is an ultra-light and compact machine weighing about 2 kg. It is very affordable. The device is simple and easily cleanable through a quick rinse. The engine produces cotton candy that is delicious and fluffy.

Upon purchase, the machine comes with a sugar scoop that is useful in measuring the exact amount of floss sugar to be added. The residential-size device also contains two reusable plastic cones providing convenience when spinning up the cotton candy.

Further, its clear top provides excellent visibility for the cotton candy-making process. Once filled and spun, the machine produces one or two cotton candy cones. Its design is unsuitable for long-term use in a continuous event such as a school occasion.


The article describes the various cotton candy machines and can be a great source of reference for deciding which to purchase.

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